Sunday, December 07, 2008

How to Make them all Fit

In our guild, we have around 13-14 hardcore type players. I define hardcore as people who have no life outside of wow and are ready and willing to play every day of the week unless something tragic happens. They have no problems staying up late to raid and have no issues with tweaking their class on a daily basis to improve.

SOOO. Again, we have around 13-14 hardcores and 10 slots for our raids. This remains to be an issue of course for us because we don't really like to leave people out. I WISH we could bring them all. We don't have enough for 25 mans and we have too many for 10 mans.

If in the future Blizzard would just adjust the difficulty of the raid according to how many people you bring, a lot of drama would go away because you'd always have room for those who want to come. Oh well. That's just a wish list.

So, we started Naxxaramus last week, the 10 man version. It's my first time in that floating pyramid ever! I was soo excited to finally get to see it. Also, I was thrilled that we would now have full control over our own progression. No more sister guild to hold us back (yeah I said that - what then!).

We scrounged up enough 80s to hit up the instance. Most of the peeps in our guild are still leveling so at the time, we barely had enough for a ten man.

The inside of Naxxaramus is old-world architecture grahpics. It's nothing to write home about. However, the boss encounters are sooo much fun (especially from a healers stand point)! We got the first two bosses down that night and got stuck on the spider boss Maexxna.

The next night we came back, some people either weren't online or couldn't make it back to the raid so we invited new people. However, as it stands, I try to invite the SAME people who came the NIGHT before in order to be fair and also consistent.

The same thing happened the following night. One person had to go to a party, so then it was first-come,first-serve. However, at this point, a few other 80s were now wanting to go but obviously we couldn't fit them in.

This was seen as being "unfair and purposefully excluding the same people from our raids"

Needless to say, we had one guy get mad because his friend couldn't get in the raid so he left the raid. And the funny thing is that I have no issues with anyone in our guild. I'd raid with all of them because I'm honestly not afraid to ask people to tweak their specs and skills... Wait, I take that back. I might have an issue with one or two who have pretty much made it obvious they don't care to learn how to

BUT for the most part, I really enjoy playing with everyone. They all have their own unique style of raiding and game play which brings something interesting to each raid encounter.

So it's really unfair for me to toss people out of the raid for the nilly-willy reason of making sure we can rotate everyone in the guild every night. You really have to be fair to those who spent the night before progressing.

Anyhow, it's quite a headache to manage everyone's happiness. And I know the saying is that you can't make everyone happy but it sucks when people are pissed off because they don't have the whole perspective.

When Naxxaramus resets this Tuesday, I have no idea how we're going to pick and choose who gets to go. Sign-ups work to a degree but they don't solve the issue that people are going to get left out.


Ian E. said...

I know the pain. Currently in my guild we have 14 healers for 7 healing spots in our 25-man raid group. This means that a lot of people are getting upset by not getting as much raid time as they want. We're juggling people in and out as best we can, but we'll probably have to cut a good number by the time Ulduar comes out.

--Phayte, 80 Holy Priest

snape said...

Ian - what a luxury, more healers than available spots!

Alachia - easy, just replace the most annoying one with me! once i hit 80 that is... =)

wowcast said...

Ian- that sucks. never heard of such a thing as too many healers. lol. Hopefully they all find a place soon...stray healers = such a waste

Snape- LOl. I know right? Glad to see you're still kickin' it in Boulderfist. Most of the GOOD alliance area all gone! Hope the baby is doing well!

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