Thursday, December 18, 2008

Raid Map Video

That's right, this video is the culmination of a great candy and a mousepad and my ability to find amusement in stupid things.
BTW, I love maps. I spend a good twenty to thirty minutes daily looking at that mousepad map even though it's super sparse.

I was going to do another take on the video so the sound quality would be better but I ran out of skittles. In meh belly! oh well. FYI, my favorite flavor is a tie between Lime and Strawberry!

Here it is:

When I first started out at level 80, I was very unsure of what kind of content was available. I was kind of shocked to find out it's only Naxx, Obsidium Sanctum, and The Eye of Eternity. Two of those are one boss encounters. I was all excited about getting to raid Ice Crown but guess I'll have to wait.

I hear the next installment will be in Ulduar, Storm Peaks so I'm looking forward to that as it's my favorite place in Northrend at the moment.

PS. Yes, I have fallen and died in the no-fly-zone of Wintergrasp because I was not paying attention to the debuff it puts on you giving you a few seconds to get out or land.

PPS. this is my 600th blog post! woot!


JohnHenry said...

Another video! Yay!

Taste the rainbow!

Mercot said...

Grats on 600 posts!

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