Monday, December 08, 2008

Naxxaramus: Arachnid

So last week I started raiding Naxxaramus with my guild. Paladin Tank, Feral Tank, Resto Shammy, and Disc/Holy Priest as our main staple and a slew of excellent DPSers.

Like I said before though, the graphical content of the instance did not impress me a bit which I thought it would. However, some of the fights are so very unique and really, really fun.

I posted in my guild forums what our group has learned from Naxxaramus. I thought I'd share the same information here as well. I also posted to wowhead so hopefully more info can be out there about these encounters. As of right now, not much has been posted from the current WoTLK version of Naxx.

This may not be the RIGHT way to do these bosses but it's how we did them. lol. Just going to add that in as a disclaimer.

Naxxaramus is currently located in Dragonblight just east of Wintergarde. It's a floating ziggurat, you just fly up to the bottom center to enter.. As someone in my guild says, "You just do it ID4 style!"

The instance is broken into four quarters and one Frostywyrm Lair.
Arcahnid Quarter
Anub'Rekhan.Grand Widow Faerlina.Maexxna

Plague Quarter
Noth the Plaguebringer.Heigan the Unclean.Loatheb

Military Quarter
Instructor Razuvious.Gothik the Harvester.The Four Horsemen

Construct Quarter

Frostwyrm Lair

I'll start with the easiest Quarter of Naxx which is the Arachnid.

Anub'Rekhan- Big beatle guy.
MT: Tanks Anub'Rekhan against back wall. We put a fearl tank on him (sprint is a great bonus). Watch for Locust Swarm. Take off running along the extreme edge of the room as Locust Swarm begins. AVOID green liquid ooze in the drains as they will gib your stats by 90%. RUN RUN RUN away during Locust Swarm. After swarm stops, drag him back to the back wall again. This is to avoid the add spawn area during your Lucust Swarm Run.

OT: Tank add spawns. We had a prot pally do this.

DPS: Spread slightly to avoid aoe dmg of impale. During impale use slow fall or levitate or cat form to lessen dmg if you can. Focus boss until adds spawn. DPS adds down and then back to the boss. Rinse and repeat.

Healers: OT will take big spikes during add waves with multi-adds on him/her. Just a warning to the OT healer.
MT healer will need to follow MT during Locust Swarm sprint to heal spike dmg from impale etc. Just stay far enough away inside the circle of the room to avoid the Locust Swarm debuff.

Grand Widow Faerlina- Humanoid with 4 humanoid like adds
MT: Tank Faerlina on the platform. Before the Frenzy timer goes off, make sure she is dragged to the first kill-target worshipper (add).

OT: Tank either all 4 adds or how many are not crowd-controlled with sheep etc. Watch the health of the first kill-target worshipper. Worshippers should NOT be killed until Faerlina goes into frenzy. Must make sure the kill target is RIGHT NEXT TO Faerlina when she is frenzied when it dies.

Assigned DPS: Help lower the HP of the kill-target worshipper then move to boss.

DPS: blast Faerlina to high hell. When she is IN frenzy, finish off the kill-target worshiper.
Move out of reign of fire.

Healers: Dispel poison. Heal.

Rise and Repeat until she's dead. Must kill the worshippers to get her out of Frenzy. And she hits like a TRUCK in frenzy = wipe.

Maexxna- big spider
MT: Tank her in the middle Call out contdown until webspray when everyone but the tank will be incapacitated for 8secs. Call stop DPS on Maexxna when she is at 34% to avoid webspray when she enrages at 30%. Be ready to pop last stand, pally shield wall, survival instincts, pots, etc before webspray during enrage. coordinate with healers.

OT: HEAL or DPS for the majority of the fight. You can tank the spider adds that spawn but they are easily aoe-d down without an OT. If OT remains in tanking gear, they can chose to taunt Maexxna during her enrage stage and pop a survival ability to get her off the MT during one of the websprays. We had the OT heal.

DPS: Stand to the far left of the lair as you're coming in with the healers.
Blast Maexxna. Kill spider adds as they spawn. Save the goods for the final 30%.

Assigned DPS: Every 20 secs she sends a player to the back wall who gets Web Wrapped. When they do, head back there and use the macro (/tar Web Wrap) to get them out immediately. Then go back to DPSing the boss. We assigned two web-patrol dps and one alternate for when one of the two main guys gets webbed.

Healers: MT healer make sure the MT is topped off and HOTted if possible before each webspray. Keep Poison cleansing totem up but also dispel immediately when tank is poisoned. It reduces healing by 90%!!! Abolish poison ftw if you have it.
Off-healer keep raid topped off during spider adds and keep the Web Wrapped people up as they take dmg when they are cocooned. Also help HOT or top off tank before webspray. After 30% enrage, don't stop healing, don't step off, keep full HOTS, and keep necrotic poison off the tank at all costs! (Pain suppression, PW shield, Hand of Sacrifice, Earth Shield, Riptide, Renew, POM, Lifeblook, Rejuv, Regrowth, NS- all key for this part of the fight)

Use heroism, drums, trinkets at the 30% marker as she is enraged the MT will take HEAVES of dmg. Get her down as fast as possible to avoid more than two websprays during this phase.


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