Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Winter Veil Gourmet

[The Winter Veil Gourmet] complete!

Beatlejuice helped me out with the Sandworms from 290-315. Actually, he didn't but they weren't hard to farm up at all. Those sandworms are all over Silithus and not many people are out in the desert. I farmed enough to get to the 300 cap and a little extra for after I trained.

I then hit up Honor Hold to get the [Master Cookbook] and scored more cooking points with the extra sandworm meat. Next, I picked up the [Recipe: Ravager Dog] from the HH innkeeper and headed out to Razorthorn Hill to farm the meat up. The drop rate was hella nice.

While I was farming up the Ravager Flesh, this level 61 Undead Mage comes strolling up to me, checks me out and then dismounts. I then watch as she winds up a frost bolt at me. I turn around, hit her up with flameshock and lava burst and she explodes. I then continue to kill Ravager's as she runs back to her body. I let her mount up and head off when she rezzes..then get on my epic flyer and mow her down again to let her know resto shammy doesn't = total pvp fail. Then I went back to farming the rest of the meat.

Ravager Dogs got me to 325ish before going green. So then I flew to Allerian Stronghold and picked up [Recipe: Blackened Basilisk] and farmed baskies until I hit level 345ish. It brought back memories of the TBC days hehehe.

Flew to Nagrand after that and got [Recipe: Roasted Clefthoof] to finish myself off to 360 although I didn't reall need to.

At 350, you can begin the daily quests in Dalaran to start getting your [Northern Spices]! I can now finally contribute to the group! hehehe.

Ultimately though, I was able to make the [Hot Apple Cider] which required 325 cooking!


and then I was met with tragedy..but I'll save that post for tomorrow.


Street Chief said...

You speak of PvP, yet where are your arena posts?!

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