Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thrall Eludes Me

So 8am on a Sunday, 20 other guildmates and myself set out to kill the King of Ogrimmar, also known as the most beloved horde leader.

There is one thing I must admire about the horde, it's their dedication to protecting Thrall. They love that green guy!

I could give a crap about any of the leaders on the Alliance side except I am growing quite fond of Varian Wrynn, the King of Stormwind. His past is all dark and mysterious and he's all brooding and tainted. heheh. The more I learn about him, the cooler I think he is. However, for the last three years, we've had his kid at that thrown so I haven't fully adjusted to Varian's existence.

We actually had a shot this morning except I totally underestimated how many pre-teens are awake at 8am on a Sunday. We got Thrall down to 50% before the Horde players finally overwhelmed us.

You pretty much only have one shot at him because the longer you stay there, the more reinforcements arrive. My guess is that we'll have to plan an attack where we all log off already next to Thrall's throne the night before to decrease the amount of time the horde are aware of our presence. Riding in with a group of 20+ alliance through Ogrimmar, even through the side entrance, pretty much gives us up immediately. Those without Local Defense turned on still see us visually and come to his aid.

So the next question becomes when is the ultimate time to do the raid? We've already missed two HUGE windows to kill Thrall. The first was when everyone was leveling to 80 right after WOTLK release. The other was before Arenas began. Now we're in for a world of hurt as the horde on Boulderfist are huge Arena junkies and have probably already claimed a lot of the gear in this first week.

4am on Christmas? lol. No seriously, someone suggested it. hehe. Don't think I'm that hardcore but maybe New Year's.


Funeral said...

I've found that the best time for city raiding are around 5-6pm server time on a week day. Not sure why, but we've meet with the least defense doing out raids at these times.

While the Horde do all love Thrall I have to say that it mainly seems to come across that way because Org is a major city, more people, more defense. I have yet to see anything match the actual feeling or loss or victory of people defending Sylvanas though. She is the real prize, people actually get offended when there is an attempt to down her.

Anonymous said...

Power in numbers. That is all I am going to say.


manorton aka Paravel said...

I agree with Tommy C. 20 is far to small a group to head into Org for a major show down.

Here are some other tips we used on Beta and in live.

1) Rally outside the side gate up the river. Do NOT allow anyone to hit an NPC or the alarm will sound.

2) Head right in the side entrance and do not stop. Do not hit anything. Just ride baby ride.

3) Storm the entrance and only begin to destroy the guards. Get your main tank and healers on Thrall ASAP then have all DPS hit him once the last guard is down. Should not take long.

4) Once you have thrall engaged have the healers spread out forward and to the sides. Keep them away from the door. Horde players will be looking for healers right away. Once they are down its over.

5) Not as big a concern, but if you see a horde priest, lock, or anyone with a fear ability, NUKE them on sight.

6) Timing is important, but not nearly as important as having enough players with you and moving fast and together. Any stranglers will be lost to the battle.

I got in an argument in general today over puging it. Idiot from a raiding guild who has no clue. If you can only bring 20 from your guild. . then ask another guild to join in or use LFG. Do not be a afraid to bring along pugs at this point. Just make sure they know you will kick them if they do not play by the plan.

I wish you luck. . And a word of advice. Try a pve server, we know PVP better sometimes than those who do nothing but play on a pvp server. Before I get booed and hit. . here is why. PvP servers attract the kids. Kids know very little about strategy and just want to gank. In my experience of course. On a PVE or RP (I prefer RP servers to overall Player base maturity) those who know how to use team and group tactics will always beat a ganker. Just my .02 worth.

Good luck mylady.

Hades said...

Heh you know it's weird how Horde always comes to the aid of Thrall. As a Horde player myself, I know I would rush to his defence if Orgrimmar was attacked, and what's weird is, I have no idea why. I know very little of Warcraft lore, I am a rational 30 year old with a good job and a wife, but when WoWing I'll be the guy who rushes to Thrall's aid when Allie's attack.

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