Saturday, December 20, 2008

Just Ain't Enough

My guild name is (pronounced jay-aye-ee) and stands for Just Ain't Enough. Which lately seems like a prominent theme for our guild. We honestly just don't have enough. We've got about 8 hardcore static players who want to beat down progression's door on a weekly basis which we've done. Then we have another 16 or so who like to hit up instances and group events on occasion.

We're all friend and family so it kind of makes sense that it works out that way. You're not going to get a set group of hardcore raiders unless you recruit for them and even then you're drawing straws.

So this post is part whine-mode and part perplexity. The first whine bit revolves around the notion that one, there isn't that much 10 man raid content out there right now thus making it hard to get people interested in progression. I mean, at least start the buzz like they did for BT and Sunwell.

If you raid, you'll know the feeling of "what's next". If you don't raid, obviously you're reading this and saying "well at least you get to see Naxx, stop your whining."

But here's the thing, for every part of this game you're on a certain step of its progression. I'm at the part where I'm looking at the 25 man groups and going "lucky SOBs have the man power" and looking at my 10 man raid group going "if I can just keep them interested long enough to keep pushing"

And here's the perplexing part. We have people in our guild who have asked to leave to go join a separate raiding guild with their friends. I'm like sure, no problem. No hard feelings etc. Obviously they are connected with casual family members so like heck if I want to hold them back from doing what they want to do. And they usually get tired of life outside the "white picket fence" within a week and come back. :P

But the thing is, I've asked everyone if they're interested in raiding. No one said anything to me. In fact, when I asked those specific guys point blank if they wanted to raid Naxx, they told me they were interested but weren't sure what days they'd be able to commit to. Not only that, when they do raid with us, they're never able to stay for the whole time (like 2 hrs).

How does someone who can't commit to any time and not honor any time committed get into a raid group? WHAT raiding guild would accept someone like that? We do it because they're sort of family but I don't really know of many raiding guilds who would.

I like raiding with my guild because we're resilient, skilled, and nice (at least the adults are for sure). And most of the people are awesome to hang out with. Some of them I wish I could group with far more often than I get to. However, I'm just honestly getting sick of being used by some of the other members of the guild who apparently were never taught the values of loyalty and friendship.

So we're here, doing what we do best. Running 25 man Naxxaramus with sixteen people (seriously rough). Running 10 man instances with nine people and doing the best we can because we're not afraid of the challenge and it is really all about just getting to do stuff together as a group.

It's just this attitude out there that drives me crazy. Like apparently, we have to keep running and going and struggling so that whenever THEY feel like they want to come a long, apparently we'll be always.

And this wouldn't even be much of an issue at all except that THIS IS IT! This is it until the next expansion! I have to make this work somehow for the next one to two years?? Gone are my days of questing innocence and joy. Now it's back to scheduling, information prying, begging, organizing, drama sorting, loot grief, farming, grinding, arguing, and nonsensical lameness.

I really want to write to Blizzard and beg them to move to a dynamic party and raid system. Just adjust raid difficulty based on numbers. This would solve ALL of my problems and grief.

Never, ever enough.


Jemimus said...

Oldest story in WoW.
it remains extremely hard to combine a social guild with effective raiding.

What annoys me the most is not this fact in and of itself, but that so many people believe that they can combine their social style of play with raiding commitments.

For example, you ask the people in your guild if they want to see Naxx, Icecrown, etc, and they will often say yes.
But these very same people should realize that if they themselves, or many of the other members have factors in their life such as limited time, other responsibilities, then its simply not going to happen.
And people should not be naive enough to think that it can be effectively combined.
I am not saying its impossible to combine, but its so hard to get organized as to be very unlikely.
In a way, I almost wish that Blizzard would allow people to be a member of 2 guild at once.

As it is though, it IS possible to form a cross-guild, semi-fixed group of players just for the purpose of raiding.. I have seen this done successfully in the past on several occasions. At the very least you maintain a dedicated chat channel for this group, and you recruit on forums and, with permission, inside other social guilds. If guild leaders of social guilds are smart, they will allow this, because it takes the pressure off having to please the more hardcore elements in their
Now just to be clear, what I propose here is not a formal alliance. Its an informal alliance of individual players and the goal is to get to a more or less fixed group of people, outside the bounds of guild affiliation.

JohnHenry said...

Recruit! Have an initiation period. Initiate isn't around, sucks, is rude, begger, etc let them go. We are a family/friend guild that does that when we lose class balance due to people leaving etc. Its worked for the most part.

There is no reason you should have to raid with only 16 people. Don't these people know who you are!? =P

I stopped raiding when BC came out and am excited to get back into it with wrath since the time commitment seem less than ever.

If your members can't commit to 2 hours...well, you've got some recruitin' to do!

Peteicus_X said...

You could always take a character and start a different guild just for raiding. You could recruit JAE and outsiders to that. So, when it eventually melts down, you have the white picket fence to come back to.

You could also wait a few more weeks until the holidays are over and the semester is back in to see if people's schedules normalize again.

Or keep hitting 25s with 16. ZG was really fun @ 60, hitting it with 12 instead of 20. We just always rock that hard.

I used to pvp in an informal semi study group that had its own channel. That was the most fun in wow I had outside of JAE.

snape said...

whatever you do, don't align with cykos again. :P

wowcast said...

it's going to be a dilemma either way we decide to go as there aren't many great options. And yes, Snape, I do believe I've once and for all learned my lesson on trusting alliance guilds.

Although I'd love to acquire the old cykos guild for my own personal uses. Since the leader left along with most of the guild to another server (something people actually rewarded us with gold for), I tried getting to guild from the 12 yr old boy they left the guild to but he wasn't willing to sell it to me.

I will most likely just trudge on with what we have and make the best with what we've got.. I don't really want to recruit as I have zero trust in people anymore and most people always end up being liars.

I might approach some people in the server whom I've known for awhile and start breaking from the At&T plan...although that too might end up disastrous! dilemma dilemma dilemma

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