Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shaman Noob

Seriously, you're an idiot. No SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY, you are a raging idiotic moron who doesn't deserve to have a level 80 shaman. YES, this is what I've been screaming at myself for the last hour.

SO FIRST, two nights ago I finally figured out that not ALL of my totems are raid-wide. BUFF type totems like Windfury or Wrath of Air effect all raid members while poison cleansing only works for my immediate 5 man party. This makes a HUGE difference when you're counting on YOUR totem to cleanse the MT during major boss encounters.

And instead, I'm standing there going "it should have ticked the poison off by now"
It made a huge difference when I finally figured it out and was able to move myself into the MT group for bosses like Maexxna where poisons reduce healing by like 90%.

SECONDLY, this entire time while we're progressing Naxxaramus I've been feeling so gimped. My best crit on a Healing Wave was like 6,300. My avg CH was only doing 3k on the initial jump. I was like, my gear isn't this bad. I have close to 1900 bonus healing with buffs and food and totems and earthliving weapon....WTF is wrong with my healing.

So I just relegated myself to raid healing mostly and we got by fine. But let me tell you how down-trodden I felt when I just couldn't do much to keep the MT down when necessary. I was like...I SUCK!

Today I was playing around with my healing and crit and checking to see the numbers.
I kept checking tool tips as well to make sure I'm always using the highest rank spell. It all shows up correctly as using max rank Chain Heal and Healing Wave.

But for some reason today I was particularly annoyed with how low my heals were hitting so I pulled out my spell book on a whim and hit CH and HW from there instead. WHAM!!! Almost 2k more on CH and 6k more healing from HW from the spell book.

So I quickly hit up my macro list and looked at my CH and HW macro to see what they say! OMFG!!!

#showicon Chain Heal
/use 13
/use 14
/cast Tidal Force
/cast Chain Heal(Rank 5)

#showicon Healing Wave
/use 13
/use 14
/cast Healing Wave(Rank 11)

The max rank CH is 7! and the max rank Healing Wave is 14!
I had actually modified my macros when I was 80 but Blizzard has been doing this crappy reset of my macros every now and then and it looks like it reverted it back to my pre-80 quest days. WTF!

Anyhow, still my fault for not double checking considering my spells seemed so weak!
I just feel like an idiot. The strain I was putting myself and the raid under this past week....all cuz I was totally gimping my healing spells!

And the hilarious part is that I sat there scolding Flipmax for using (Rank#) behind his spells in his macros. "Don't do that! Just leave it blank. It'll go to max rank for you."


Sure enough, when I removed the Ranks from my macro, it hit the correct spell rank and WHAM... immediate 10k! I've never hit a 10k heal before! Taint was like, "welcome to the 10k club"

10k, 12k, 11k HW and 5-7k CH! What a difference the ranks the diff of being level 75 and 80.

Anyhow, It'll take me awhile to live this one down. I think I made a similar mistake back when I was a mage or something. It only took people a few months to forgive me. lol.

WoW, I'm a moron!

EDIT: finished Naxx today and yes, healing was super easy when your Chain Heal crits for 10k on the first jump!!!! LOL. It's so nice to be normal again!


JohnHenry said...

Hey, just imagine how easy it will be to heal now!

casetel said...

It's just a game, it is OK to noob it up now and again ;)

That is the great thing about playing with mates as opposed to the typical pug and such, sure they maybe slightly irked at you but in general all is forgiven and it will be the source of many a good humored ribbing for weeks to come. Good Times! =)

jr_G-man said...

I was under the impression that you could no longer downrank spells. Obviously, you noticed a difference, but I thought that wasn't possible?

wowcast said...

oh you can down rank spells but there is absolutely NO benefit to it anymore. The spells ALL cost as much as the highest therefore deterring any healer from down ranking. There is no benefit, you would just be gimping yourself like I did accidentally. :D

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