Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Winter Veil

(present I got Sad and it turns out he got me the same thing only my presentation was more clever of course! :D)

Woot. We got epic lootz for xmas.
Computer upgrades for xmas. I can't wait to finally turn up all my WoW settings again.

On the flip side, xmas was marred by holiday vacation time being nixed by emergency work. I guess in the end, it matches the kind of year it's been...filled with unexpected lemons.

Anyhow, the rest of my loot box was nice as well:
[Book of the Warcraft Archive] which includes Day of the Dragon, Lord of the Clans, The Last Guardian, and Of Blood and Honor
[Day-by-Day Warcraft of the Desk Calendar]
[Mana Potion] (the energy drink)
Two [Arms of the Ergotron Monitor]



snape said...

I think Sad's computer upgrade should have been a legendary loot, not epic. :)

I got my wife an XPS for xmas. She doesn't game, so looks like I'll be spending quality time with her laptop. Of course it was pink, so technically it's still her present. :)

wowcast said...

I would agree about legendary if all of the parts were top of the line. However, everything was one grade below top so it's really good but not bitchin to afford and therefore not legendary. :D

Did the baby get a laptop too? Gotta start your little farmers early you know!

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