Wednesday, December 31, 2008


First time I've been on WoW for a long time this Christmas break. I'm just about done with the massive purge of my house and I think I'm now ready for visitors. :)

Tonight I was doing the daily cooking quest to gather mushrooms in the Dalaran sewers when I spotted something familiar. One rat and four turtles. Now where have I seen that before??! hehehe.

I thought it was really cute. I named the one in the back Leonardo.

Not a bad first day back in the game. We had raid tonight and cleared Nax to the Frostwyrm Lair. If it weren't for the massive ques preventing us from starting on time, we probably could have cleared the whole thing. It's funny, more and more people in our raid are beginning to realize this is the only "real" instance out there right now. lol.

I'm looking forward to attempting Naxx 25 man this Friday...although most likely we'll only have 17 people again. :( When can I start cloning my toons? hehe.


snape said...

where's shredder?

if i'm free (e.g. baby asleep), i'll go with you guys on Friday, assuming you'll take someone with purple gear (level 70, not 80). :)

by the way, KILLER video from the last post. are there any other cool videos you can point me to?

Peter Wilson said...

Wow! I love the TMNT, I'll go check that out immediately. Thanks.

Souldarite said...

You have a mage, Mirror Image!!

wowcast said...

Hey Snape, would love to have ya Friday if your lil hobbit is napping!

I'll look for ya tonight!

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