Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Best Quest in Northrend

(also much thanks to those who refrained from telling me about this so it was a surprise. hence, I waited so long to blog about this. I figure most have seen this by now..if not, this post is a spoiler!)

Okay so I haven't done every quest in Northrend..not even close to it..but I can definitively say the Veteran of the Wrathgate is one of the coolest quest chains I've encountered in WoW...ever. It begins in Dragonblight.

I can only tell it from the Alliance side.

I was daunted by the long series of quest chains starting at Star's Rest in Dragonblight. I was like, "omg! does it ever end!!! LONGEST QUEST CHAIN EVAAAA!" lol. But once we got to Wintergarde, it all really became worth it.

The really cool quest chain sort of reaches it's starting point at [Into Hostile Territory] from High Commander Halford Wyrmbane in Wintergarde, Dragoblight. This will lead you down a 9 part quest chain which includes riding a steamtank and using a chain gun, and finally ending in the world's longest speech given by an NPC for [Finality].

I failed to listen to the NPC Lore speech because I went afk to the restroom. It's recommended that you read it as you'll be missing out on some good lore if you don't. :)

Upon completing that, ANOTHER five part quest chain starts from [An End and A Beginning]. You'd hope it was the end..but it's not. lol. This one is pretty darn easy though because it just has you riding back and forth between Fordragon Hold and Wyrmrest Temple which was easy for us cuz we had flying mounts by then (so cheating hehehe).

There is one interlude of flying back and forth called [On Ruby Wings]. Since I failed to read the quest properly, we were on the ground killing scavengers with our bare hands when we could have been riding a bloody dragon breathing fire on then!!! LOL. NOOBS!!

After we finished that, it told us to go back to Fordragon Hold which opened up [Return to Angrathar]

This is when your jaw drops open and you go "WOAHHHHHH!! OMG! CUT SCENE?!" soooo epic even for those of us who don't follow the Lore!

After we watched the cut scene, we got a BONG!!!!!! Achievement [Veteran of the Wrathgate]!!! We were like, hell yeah!! And then we talked to the dragon again and watched the cut scene a few more times hehehe.

What is sooo soooo sooo cool about Northrend is that parts of the game terrain will change for you depending on what part of the lore you've uncovered. Like before we watched the cut scene and completed Return to Angrathar, the Wrath Gate was totally covered with scourge mobs. Afterwards, it's burning ashes and flowers scattered about.

Also, after that moment, you will always hear screaming, fleeing soldiers as you fly over that area. It's totally freaky and by freaky I mean REALLY FREAKY.

Luckily a HQ version of the machinima cut scene exists on youtube so I don't have to fly out to the Wrath Gate every time I want to watch the video :D

....of course, it doesn't end there. Going to do a video blog I think of the final part of this quest chain cuz you need to be able to hear me do an impression of Flipmax when we got to The Betrayal section of the quest chain.


Mercot said...

Wrathgate and the follow-up quest for the Horde was the most epic thing I've ever seen in WoW. Very, very, [i]very[/i] interested to see how the Alliance side goes, since it impacts both factions pretty heavily. :D

Blodwin said...

If you have the collector's edition and do the little quiz thingy and get everything right it plays the cutscene. That's if you want to see it on your TV. Also on the DVD are all the patch trailers again in huge size.

Also the bit afterwards is pretty epic in the Undercity. My favourites quest lines are all up in the Storm Peaks. I have always played a Dwarf hunter so seeing pay off from the original character creation introduction about archaeology and looking for roots and seeing all 3 Bronzebeard brothers together at last... wow just wow. Also the Halls of Stone has some major lore in it after one of the maddest 'boss events' I have played but then Brann is involved...

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