Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Candy Day 2007

Eat Candy till you Puke!!

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Kara complete

Happy to report that jae has finally completed Karazhan. Netherspite and Nightbane went down this week. Very interesting fight. Nothing like slaying a dragon to complete your week. I'm surprised at how much I have enjoyed going back and doing casual pve raiding.

However, I think I will take a break this week from raiding.... I have to concentrate on Halloween!! The sacred ritual of spreading the joy of candy!! wohoo!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Dear Alachia...about Arenas

hi i'm Vampy level 70 orc female warrior on blackwing lair medium population.

my question is this. i just started arena'ing not too long ago during season 2, ive heard rumors about season 3 that you might have to have a certian point rating in order to purchase weapons and gear, while other equipment like shoulders and season 1 gear you can buy with just arena points. for somone like me that doesnt have any good pvp gear *was mostly prot spec for instances and dungeons) to move to pvp arena and have a hard time as it is to get a group together for a 3v3 or 5v5 and get points. the prospect of having to build up a certain rating to get good gear to me sounds like a nightmare, reminds me of the constant av battlegrounds i did pre-bc to get honor to get marks and gear... plz see what you can find about this, do a show on arena and any info on season 3 would be appreciated. (>'.')> THANK YOU! ^^

Hey Vampy,

Season 3 will bring new limitation to arena gear for sure. It will make the standard for Season 3 shoulders and weapons a lot higher. 2k rating for shoulders and 19k rating needed for weapons. Also, they are moving to a new personal rating system so you will no longer be able to jump on a high rated team to boost your rating. This is so you don't have 2k rated teams selling their service or their team for thousands of gold.

Season 1 Arena gear, you will now be able to buy from BG honor. So this will help immensely for people just starting off. In order to work your way up, any new player will have to grind just as hard as the veterans did back in Season 1.

Luckily, the gear upgrade from Season 1 Arena gear to Season 2, was not that you're probably still not looking at too much of a disparity between Season 2 and 3 is my guess.

My first advice is to farm 104,000 BG honor points while you're doing your arena teams. You can store 75k. Get all of the Veteran BG stuff you can get ...or at least store the honor to purchase next season's BG gear.

I'm a little upset about the standard of the 2k rating for shoulders but I also see why they are doing this. Too may people are simply playing a minimum of ten games per week and through the course of several months, are entitled to the same gear as people who play 30 games a day. I think there should be some separation between people who are only in it for gear..and those who are really committed to Arena play.

Like any thing in WoW, a couple weeks of grinding is in order. This is a sad sordid fact but true nonetheless. If you're serious about Arenas, you'll need to find a truly committed 3v3 or 5v5 team so you can practice daily. Also, if you check out a lot of the armory for the top teams, you will often find players in the top spots who don't have full Mericless but are rather blue in gear. This is because some matrixes allow for class composition to compensate for gear.

Hope this info helps. And GL with the Arenas!!
take care,

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Friend or Foe

You ever have one of those really crappy weeks in wow...where you get so angry you think you should just walk away?? like..maybe I should just watch syndicated re-runs every night or maybe I should take up gardening and spend my weekend knee-deep in cow dung? hahaha.

yeah, I'm definitely having one of those weeks. It's so weird too because everything was seemingly going pretty well. I thought I was finally cracking out of my shell and learning to socialize and not be so anti-social and exclusive.

But people have a funny way of disappointing you...and maybe as a person I have too high expectations... like consideration, respect, courtesy..but maybe those terms don't exist in today's society.

I can't get into details of course because I can't start shit in my own guild. But for example... Let's say Carl has a 5v5 team. After season one, he makes room for a friend of his to join the team. People have to shift characters and talent specs to make this work but it's done. Everyone seems happy. But Carl's friend Nicky has night classes and can't play most days of the week...especially during optimum times for the group. But the team works around it. The team does well almost even breaking the 2k rating. However, due to more night classes and other priorities, the team doesn't practice as much. They drop in rating from only playing 10 games per week and serious lack of communication. Last week, Carl finds out that Nicky ups and leaves the team to join another 5v5 team without telling anyone. Not even the courtesy of giving the team warning or caring about what situation it leaves the team in. Carl isn't so much stressed about the lack of a can be remedied..that's not the point. Carl is pissed because he thought Nicky was a friend and that there was mutual loyalty and trust. But f-that.

And that's just 1/10th of what happened this week. >:(

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Quest for the Pumpkin Head Complete

Day 4: Starts out like it normally does with a quick summon of the Headless Horseman. We beat him down through the three phases...only our dps is lighter than before and we don't one shot him during the third phase...but he still goes down. BOOM. Hallowed Helm drops first kill!!! I can't remember if I rolled NEED and won or if I threatened to put a severed head in everyone's bed if they didn't pass....can't remember...details fuzzy. :)

So yeah, meh gotz a glowing pumpkin head to spread the joy of jacko brain to all of Azeroth and the Outlands now. We ran the quest four more times after that and nothing but the rings and some brooms dropped. I think Felix and Sad were glad that I got it so they wouldn't have to be dragged back into SM every day. hehe.

Quest complete! Now...time to finish the hunt for the Tauren Mask.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Quest for the Pumpkin Head Continues

DAY 2: More epic rings drop. No helm. :(

DAY 3: No WOW. Someone pissed me off.

DAY 4: Five more attempts at The Headless Horseman, no Hallowed Helm yet! But I got 3 Swift Flying Brooms! I sold all 3 in the trade channel for 30g. Pretty cool! I figured it's better to get the gold than to hang onto a cool item that only lasts 14 days. Sadin got [The Horseman's Helm] though. And a shaman in our guild got two rings, then switched to his druid and got two more rings. lol.

NO Hallowed Helm yet... :(

Also, I've been trick or treating at the Inn and no Tauren Mask yet!! So far, not much luck this halloween.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Quest for the Pumpkin Head

DAY 1:
3 something years ago when I was playing FFXI, I saw some of the other taru taru with the pumpkin head helm. Upon research, I found out it was something you could only get from the Holiday quest. :( I was so disappointed. I really wanted one.

This year in WoW, I have my chance!! Yesterday was the first day I went to Scarlet Monastery Grave Yard and fought the Headless Horseman six times. No [Hallowed Helm] yet. But the quest for the helm continues!

Headless Horseman Fight

Phase 1: DPS down the Horseman
Phase 2: DPS down the head and him while he conflags random people
Phase 3: DPS down the Horseman and his ads

Phase 4: Pray for the helm to drop!!

So far, I've gotten a ton of candy that makes you go fast and throw up if you eat too much. I've also gotten the [Witching Band]. No broom yet for me.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Healer Box

(my world is a few boxes but I see way more than squares)

For some reason, people keep asking me, how can you like playing a healer? Don't you get really bored? Isn't it boring? Aren't you just spamming one button?

First, this is my fourth 70 character so if I do get bored, it's not like I don't have it's no real tragedy. Second, at the moment, no, healing is not boring at all. Yes, I do tend to spam a certain FOL (flash of light) button over and over again alot but it's not the only thing I got up my sleeve! hahaha

Healers not only have to heal, they have to calculate other incoming heals, try to prevent over healing to conserve mana, but never underheal so that people die during spikes. There are a lot of emergency triggers as well all healers have to be on the ball for... ie.. power word shield, mending, nature swiftness, blessing of protection, fear, shackle, purge, dispel, etc. And all that supplemental stuff must be done in between a steady stream of heals.

The average pull...yeah, probably easy enough blindfolded...but what separates a good healer from a bad healer is their ability to recover from a not-so-average pull.

For me, I get excited whenever we get through an entire event without wiping or if no one dies at all during a fight. The healers are the bottom line. If that bottom line drops out...everyone else can't do their job right.

Rogue, Mage, Shadow priest....the same as a healer in my opinion in terms of "excitement".... you have your usual dps cycle you spam...and then you have your supplemental spells you have to use at a moments notice when things go bad or the battle one ups you. I'm told by all the tanks, it's the same way. Spam the same buttons over and over again until someone pulls agro over you, then you slam the few other keys.

It's all about perspective I suppose. Do you get more of a high from seeing damage output or healing output.

To the Cave!

(jae gnomes raid gruul's lair!) goggles ftw!

Not too bad! It took us about 3 real pull attempts until we finally got down High King Maulgar. It really is about the pull like they say. The rest is pretty easy. My job was definitely easy. I was main healer on the 1st tank who was on Seer, the Priest...then I moved to raid healing. I don't think I even cracked past 75% mana.

I thought it went quite smoothly and there was plenty of time for the guys to get their man on man homophobic banter on as well. hahaha. My personal favorite is the LFM guy on guy action, straight males only need apply....based off of something Boozefort found in an actual paper ad. heh.. well. the guild would get it.

Anyhow, I digress.

We had to figure out the trash pulls on the fly but once we did, things started to get smoother and we know for next time what to do on the final trash pull. There are two healers and a warrior mob all together. The warrior mob needs to be pulled far, far away from the healers because missing one stun on a heal is like starting from scratch.

Gruul himself. Our first attempt, we got him down to 49% with half the raid dead from the very first shatter. We only got 3 attempts in before we had to call the raid. We could only raid from 10pm to 12pm.

So not bad for our first go at it.. I had a lot of fun for sure. It was a super nice change for the guild I think and I love us being able to do something as a guild. We are often segmented into our own groups, you miss out on the cool-ness of the other peeps.

But yay on our first two guildies to get tier 4 shoulders! I'm uber proud. I hope we can try again next week but we shall see.

Thanks for the tips! Those really helped!

One more thing, is there any way to have the range dps use the wall crevices and columns to avoid being Groundslammed all over the place??

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Gruul's Strat

Hahaha. PHREAK I'm freaking!(hackers reference)

Yeah, I tend to go a little psycho when I'm planning something out sometimes. I want everything perfect and as efficient and organized as possible. And to be honest, when you have no experience with an instance except for a super botchy attempt made months ago, you don't have much to go from.

I've read what I can from wikki, forums, and bosskillers but you never know if what works for one guild, works for another.

I'll be super excited if we down High King Maulgar tonight. I've pretty much broken up the raid into the different adds.

Seer- Kill first. Sibyll will tank. Rexfelis to midirect on Sibyll. Myself and another pally will be healing. When shield goes up, raid will be asked to burn any instant dps or just anything to burn down the priest shield. Rogue will have applied poisons etc. When shield goes down, Rogue stuns the Seer so he doesn't AOE heal the rest of the adds. Repeat until down. Once done, Mathas and myself will move to spot healing the raid. Sibyll will help dps.

Warlock- Kill Second. Two tanks. Sad and Boozefort. Nublock (lock) will enslave the felhound during the first pull. Nub and Gataki (locks) will then be need to keep felhound enslaved or banished. Felhound can be used as off tank if controlled right, if so, healers will need to keep the felhound up as well. Gravin(pally) and Theadin(priest) will be the healers for this fight. After downed, Gravin will move to Trax and Theadin will move to healing Blackfist and Rexfelis on the Shaman. Sad and Booze move to dps.

Mage- Kill Third. Runciter(mage) will be the main tank. He should spellsteal fireward before the fireball. Fearrar(priest) and Aiikea(priest) will be the main healers for Runciter. Healers should stay out of Blastwave range. After done, Aiikea will move to Trax(main tank) and Fearrar will move to spot healing raid.

Shaman- Kill Fourth. Rex and Black with Aspect of Nature up. They both tank ranged on the far side of the room near Gruul's gate. When one gets sheep, the other begins tanking. Perhaps is the main healer for this fight. After done, Perhaps will move to Trax(main tank) and Theadin will move to raid heals. Rex and Black move to dps the boss.

Maulgar- Last kill. Blackfist to misdirect on Trax. Trax tanks full fight. Sang (shammy) should dps in range to drop tremor totem, grace of air, and mana spring totems. At close to 50%, Mahon (dwarf priest) casts fearward on Trax. All dps and healers should move away during whirlwind (7k dmg to plate). Raid healers will have to clean fast after random charge attacks. Amplify magic should be kept on Trax during the fight (Neusa priority but if dead, Flipmax, then Hoodwinked responsibility). Melee dps-safest to approach Maulgar right after whirlwind.

I'm still sketchy on the initial pull though. Some say to do it with the mage, others say to do it with a Pally bubble. I guess we'll try the mage pull first.

For Gruul:
Amp magic, devo aura, HP buffs etc on the entire raid.
The objective is to kill Gruul before he hits around 17 Growth debuffs.

MT must have more agro than OT. OT must have more agro that the rest of the raid at all times. MT will be hit with a normal attack, OT (second agro) will be hit with HURTFUL STRIKE (12,350 dmg). MT and OT should be topped off at all times to counter healer cc.

Pull: Misdirect on Main tank. Let MT and OT build agro. Raid gets into position and then begins dps.

Raid Fight:
Important general raid info is to stay around 9 yards apart from the next player.
Random attacks (GROUNDSLAM/SHATTER) will occur that will need spot healing. As long as players remain apart during these attacks, the dmg should be easily healed. GROUNDSLAM: Players will be tossed in random directions...important to move away from another player asap. SHATTER: aoe dmg around the target 15yrd radius. Players can use obstacles in the lair to avoid being tossed far from GROUNDSLAM.

MT and OT must run back into position. OT must regain second agro asap.

Trax (druid) to main tank and Sad (warrior to offtank). They say warriors can use last stand and shield wall to survive the last of the HURTFUL STRIKES.

If any of this seems off, please let me know in a few hours! hahahah.

Luckiest Pally that Ever Ran Kara

Today was the start of our second week doing Karazhan. We seem to be getting faster. Last week, we finished up Prince on Thursday. We even did a one shot attempt at Netherspite to get people familiar with the fight. I thought we'd wipe out at the first phase but we lasted to 30% before he enraged. So last week, I finished off the week getting the [Legplates of the Innocent] from the Chess Event and [Stainless Cloak of the Pure Hearted] from Prince.

Tonight we ran Kara for 2.5 hours and got to Currator. I got [Libram of Souls Redeemed] from the Big Bad Wolf Opera Event and [Justicar Glove] from Currator! It's like this sign that I was meant to play pally!! CRAZY. I never ever would have though I'd get gear this fast. NEVER!!!

Normally, we would have stopped at Opera Event and stopped at 11pm. But I asked if people minded spending the extra 30 mins to clear to Currator. Normally, we'd probably knock out Currator, Shade of Aran, and Illhoof the next day. HOWEVER, tomorrow we are actually going to attempt Gruul's Lair as a guild!! So, we will probably only have Thursday to finish up Kara...that's why I wanted the extra push.

I'm quite excited about this Gruul's Lair attempt. The first time we did this as a guild, we were SEVERELY under-geared and under-manned. We were going in with only 20 people. It's been several months later now...and most of us are very geared and have had more experience raiding and instancing with our characters.

Unfortunately, our guild only has about 32 level 70 characters and only around 20-22 are active during the week at a time. Everyone is older and have "R"esponsibilities to tend to...etc so our schedules vary a lot.

but SOMEHOW, I was able to gather 25 people to sign up for Gruul's Lair. It took some begging and some schedule shifting but hopefully tomorrow night there will be 25 JAE heading into the cave!

I'm hoping it goes well so that people will be more encouraged to try 25 mans out in the future. I wish Blizzard would decrease the raid to about 15-20 which is perfect for a family sized guild. I know..hard core raiders would HATE that but it seems more realistic to me. Just looking at my server alone with less than half the raiding guilds even making it all the way through Serpentshrine Caverns and only one guild who has even stepped foot in Mt.Hyjal and Black Temple. I mean, doesn't that say something? Only 25 people in the entire server who have seen the instance?

Here's our line up for tomorrow!
1. Sibyll-Warrior-> Seer Priest (kill order1)
2. Sadin-Warrior-> Summoner Warlock Main (kill order2)
3. Boozefort-Warrior-> Summoner Warlock Felhounds (kill order2)
4. Runciter-Mage-> Krosh Mage (kill order3)
5. Rexfelis->Hunter-> Crazed Shaman (kill order4)
6. Blackfist->Hunter-> Crazed Shaman (kill order4)
7. Traxxas-Druid-> High King Maulgar Warrior (kill order5)

8. Alachia-Pally-> Sibyll (kill order1)
9. Gravin-Pally-> Sadin/Unknown (kill order2)
10. Theadin-Priest-> Sadin/Unknown (kill order2)
11. Fearar-Priest-> Runciter (kill order3)
12. Aiikea-Priest-> Runciter (kill order3)
13. Perhaps-Priest-> Rexfelis/Blackfist (kill order4)
14. Mahon-Priest-> Trax/Fear Ward (kill order5)
15. Felix-Pally-> Trax (kill order5)
16. Mathas-Pally-> Trax (kill order5)

17. Gatki-Lock-> Banish/Enslave Felhound 1st (every 2min)
18. Nublock-Lock-> Banish/Enslave Felhound 2nd (every 2min)
19. Nodden-Lock-> Banish Felhound if needed
20. Sang-Shaman->Tremor Totem on High King Maulgar 50% Enrage
21. Bril-Rogue
22. Hoodwinked (possible mage tank. need to compare HP)
23. Neusa (possible mage tank. need to compare HP)
24. Flipmax-Mage
25. Britnay-Warlock

Yeah, it's kind of crazy. We're like one of those rare guilds that has very few rogues and hunters. hahaha. Lots of tanks and healers though!

I plan on splitting the raid up into 3 parts tomorrow on vent (tanks, healers, dps)..and breaking down the fight to them separately including positioning etc. If I have time, I'll send the tanks a synopsis of what they need to do via in-game mail so they get more detail...same for the healers and warlocks.

If any Gruul veterans have pointers, I'd really appreciate it! We're bringing flasks, elixirs, and pots to help make this as best a done deal as possible...*cross fingers*

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Blizzcon Free Stuff Winners

Congrats to Sheldon, Brad, Nick, and Saul!

The Global 5v5 Arena Champs for 2007 was MOB Turtlebeach aka We lose cuz Daorok sux.

The goody bag with t-shirts and the booster packs should be shipped this week.
No one asked for the Hunter or Pally starter packs we got so I guess I'll be keeping those for the next cruise. lol.

For those of you who asked me why they only gave out X-Large t-shirts...hahaha. I felt the same way...I'm pretty sure it was because they didn't want to have to order different sizes which would cost the obvious thing to do is to pick the largest size so everyone can wear them!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Episode 29 is up

hehehe... one of my occasional not just a blogger moments!

Okay..I hit 70 and as promised, I began work on editing this week....and so I finally got the Blizzcon 2007 episode out!!! yay!! SORRY SORRY FOR THE UBER DELAY. I know it's like soo 2 months ago!


So, I apologize that it's not all good news etc...but it's my account of Blizzcon nonetheless..hehe.

Special thanks to Malcort, Krystofar, and Mak.
Music for Episode 29 provided by Merivel :D

(porn pop-up ads)

(monitor problems)

Karazhan - Pugs = Success

So last Saturday, I said we did an attempted Karazhan run with 3-4 pugs. We mucked through it but it was rough going. DPS was pitiful and there was no crowd control or room for error because the player base was so poor.

This week, we launched out a new JAE kara group in the guild and so far (knock on wood), it's been a success! We weren't sure how we'd do really since most of us haven't run the instance in several months... and a few of us are green to our new characters including myself and another former shadowpriest turned warlock.

Our line up for this week has been Prot Warrior, Arms/Fury Warrior, BM Hunter, Marksman Hunter, Fire Mage, Asass/Combat Rogue, Affliction Warlock, Holy Priest, Holy Pally, Holy Pally.

I know I's Kara..and that's so last year and everyone else is on to the Black Temple or whatever... but I don't know, it's still feels good to do this as a group. I like the ten man set's intimate enough and manageable.

I'm still hoping to get the guild on a Gruul's Layer run in the future..but we pretty much have about 25-27 Level 70 people in the guild...and it's pretty rare for all of them to be on at the same time. We usually have about twenty 70s online...just a smidgen off from the twenty-five that we need.

Anyhow, Tuesday, we downed Huntsman, Moroes, Maiden, and Opera Event (Romeo and Juliet). Yesterday, we downed Currator, Shade of Aran, and Illhoof. Tonight, we hope to do Chest Event and down the Prince. Hopefully all goes according to plan.

I've been quite the lucky mofo. Healing gear has been raining down from the sky. It's quite unexpected too since I didn't expect to get anything for several weeks. Maybe that's the trick??? Go in expecting nothing and then you'll get something? :D

My Kara booty!: [Pauldrons of the Justice-Seeker], [Whirlwind Bracers], [Gauntlets of Renewed Hope], [Belt of Gale Force]

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Postcard from Boozefort

I didn't wanna send anything until I had something different. I found where the water ends suddenly. This is between Burning Steppes and the human starting area.
Postcards from Around the World (of Warcraft)

Friday, October 05, 2007

I leveled, I dinged, I passed out

(how I imagined my DING Level 70 party)

As predicted, I hit 70 last Thursday. It's weird. When I put my mind to something, I usually can't stop until I finish. People seem to think I really love to level characters but the truth is I hate it. I hate the constant grind WoW makes you do when all you want to do is try out another class. However, I tell people that you're simply mistaking being good with enjoying.

I got good at leveling somehow along the way. Part of it is instinct from past experience and the part is knowing how to utilize the resources to benefit the instinct. NEVER guess on what you're doing, you could waste up to a whole hour. Just take the 5 minutes to plan out your route and the exact needs of your quests...then hit the road. It's worth it. This is for efficiency purposes only...everyone should play the game how they want to...even if its wondering around the world of Azeroth for hours on end :D

I have to thank a couple of people though that really helped me out big time...Sadin who helped run me through a couple of the instances I couldn't tackle myself. Flipmax's warlock and Felix's mage and warrior alts who road the pain train with me for a few levels. And finally Felix's druid who hooked up with me at level 63. Together his feral druid and my paladin were like their own raid group. I must say it is an amazing thing to be able to carry with you a main healer and a main tank. You're pretty much set with that combo. Pugging was easy and all the quests were a cinch.

(the set up shot was ready)

So...back to the day I hit 70... I was all ready for it. I knew it was going to happen. I was just smidgens away from hitting 70 when Felix had to go to I thought I'd just grind out the few thousand XP on mobs in Terokkar forest. Sadin had just returned from a business trip and was enthralled with all the Brewfest festivities. He was determined to win the Ram race. So after a few minutes, he says he has some hat to show me. I'm like cool, yeah, I'd like to see it.

In the meantime, I was getting ready to screen shot my ding. I kept positioning my camera and hitting the screenshot button right before the mob died. I did my final calculations and was like..okay..this is it for sure, I only have 800 more xp to go, this mob will do it.

Just as I'm about to kill the mob, Sadin flies in on his bird, charges the spider and bam, my XP is cut in half. I was like NOOOO! hahahaha. But then I saw the Brewfest hat he was wearing and started cracking up. Just then he hit another mob, practically one shot it and bam...I DINGED. I was still laughing but was like "you a-hole! you made me miss my screenshot! You distracted me with your stupid hat!"

(got my wings)

hahaha... so yeah.. that's how I dinged 70. It wasn't part of my ideal plan but it was bloody memorable. LOL. Soon, after, I got my flying mount and finished the Kara attunement quests. I also was able to do Slave Pen heroics to get my one primal nether to finally craft my [Justicebringer 2000]. Woohoo.. My gear isn't so bad atm. My healing bonus is 1287 and I'm blues and I'm keeping up.

My hope is start another kara group in my guild. For more than anything, I have found through leveling again, I kind of want to return to the social aspect of the game. And our guild is so segmeneted, I thought it'd be nice to have something as a guild to do. We sometimes do JAE preform Bgs but it's sporatic and usually on the weekends. There is another group in our guild that does Kara every week. I really admire their comradre and attitude.

I was able to form a spotty Kara group on Saturday with about four pugs and the rest JAE. WOW. those pugs were bad. The hunters did 25% of the mage dmg. The warlock did 25% of that.. However, we were able to down Huntsman and Maiden. We got Moroes down to 1%...No priests suck on Moroes due to the lack of cc on the adds. I have yet to see a hunter succesfully keep the adds cc'd during that fight. Anyhow, it was fun being a pally for once in Kara. Stoneform FTW. I knew I rolled an ugly dwarf for a reason!

Today is going to be our first full JAE run at Kara in a long time. It's partial new alts and partial mains. I'm just happy there won't be any pugs.

(Money Shot: the day I turned 70, I hit one protects the healers in PUG Bgs..I found myself dead a lot..but still on top of the healing meters :D sad...I know. Alliance suck)

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Wow... tauren look really stupid with the rocket helm on! hahaha. btw, when I went to take this pick, the wee little cows tried to shooo me away... lol. MOoooooove away!

Coming of Age

I am 99.99% sure I will hit level 70 tomorrow on my paladin!!! I'm very exited. Any one who hits around 68 and doesn't head to Netherstorm is missing out on some of the fastest XP evarrr!! I've done this roughly four times now and I will have to say that after you hit 67, it's a home run.

You just go to Netherstorm Area 52 and pick up [The Archmage's Staff] quest line. From there, you do two quick quests to make the staff and in the meantime you knock out [Consortium Crystal Collection], [Mark V is Alive] (hehehe Johnny 5 is Alive!), and [You're Fired]....

Then you head to Kirin'Var Village in Netherstorm and BOOOOM roughly 30 quests you knock out pretty much in succession and all in the same area!

And then if you need more after all that, you head to both the Eco Dome and the Stormspire...which are domed areas with a ton of quests in close vicinity again..can't stress enough having quests in close proximity to limit time not gaining xp.

Anyhow, I'm super excited! I feel like I should throw a Ding 70 party. hahahah.
Finally, Alachia has her 70 paladin...and no more excuses as to putting off the podcast which has been sitting on her comp ready to be edited for almost a month and a half. :(

Maybe I should get the White Gryphon this time?? ..since I'm all Holy. heh. Meh. Non epic flyers are a pain anyhow. But I know I'll need one to get up to Arcatraz. So'well.... woot!!! This is my LAST toon.. I sware.. no more!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


be sure to get your Wolpertinger while Brewfest is going on! hahaha. looks like a half rabbit, half owl, half deer tri-hybrid. lol.

[Wolpertinger's Tankard]

The Bank Girls

I really take pride in my two main bank alts. I like them to look super nice for some reason. I think it's because my other characters can't necessarily look that great due to racials and gear.

So when I saw this ring on the AH, I was like SWEET, must get it for my bank alt. Then I saw the level requirement. BOOO... but just so you guys know, you don't need to buy this stuff off the AH. It's available in Exodar or Silvermoon unlimited from vendors.

I was hoping there would be a level 5 ring but the closest is a level 10 [mood ring]. Yay for Griftah and his shady dealings...[Soap on a Rope] level 1 necklace FTW! Now if I could get him to sell me some knock-off level 1 rings...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Protest Line

THANK YOU BLIZZARD....gah. So Monday, still part of AV weekend and the last day to get your Arena points in....they decide..let's enable voice chat on a multitude of servers.

First thing---AV crashes and que times go from 30 seconds to 19 minutes..and on into forever.

Second thing---Arena ques, even the 3v3s and 5v5s hit the 18 minute que marker but they actually extend into infinity as well.

The beauty---voice chat still doesn't work.

WHY?! Why did you have to jack with my precious AV weekend!??? Plus, they are resetting servers Tuesday anyhow...couldn't it have waited until then????

So while we were waiting in que for Arenas, we saw this huge line forming going around Shat. Our guess was that it was a silent protest to the Blizzard botch up. hehehe. So of course I joined in for a few rounds. I should have made a macro to chant "Ventrillo Forever!" :D

Monday, October 01, 2007

Top Healer at the Young age of 66

So my leveling came to a halt this weekend. AV weekend is a huge must for anyone who cares a bit about PvP or arenas. You don't miss AV weekend!! So Friday I stopped the questing and hit the AV ques. To our Boulderfist alliance surprise, almost no que times! Pretty instant. I'm not sure what happened..either less horde are playing or more alliance are...we suspect it has a lot to do with the afk reporting system from patch 2.2

In any case, the honor has been pouring in. Even for losses, I get as much as 480-550 honor if you can believe that. I already have over 30k honor. And shockingly, I have found myself top alliance healer at level 66 :D Not bad for going up against level 70 epic-ed out healerz. I guess I've found my calling after all!

Medallion of the Alliance-16,983 honor
Belt-17,850 honor
Bracer-11,794 honor
Boots-17,850 honor
Back-9,435 honor
Necklace-15,300 honor
Ring-15,300 honor
TOTAL: 104,512 honor needed. 70k more to go!

Oh also, there are a few quests you can do in AV that give roughly 6600XP for your first time in...if you're non 70. Okay..gonna go que up again! GRIND GRIND GRIND.

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