Friday, October 26, 2007

Dear Alachia...about Arenas

hi i'm Vampy level 70 orc female warrior on blackwing lair medium population.

my question is this. i just started arena'ing not too long ago during season 2, ive heard rumors about season 3 that you might have to have a certian point rating in order to purchase weapons and gear, while other equipment like shoulders and season 1 gear you can buy with just arena points. for somone like me that doesnt have any good pvp gear *was mostly prot spec for instances and dungeons) to move to pvp arena and have a hard time as it is to get a group together for a 3v3 or 5v5 and get points. the prospect of having to build up a certain rating to get good gear to me sounds like a nightmare, reminds me of the constant av battlegrounds i did pre-bc to get honor to get marks and gear... plz see what you can find about this, do a show on arena and any info on season 3 would be appreciated. (>'.')> THANK YOU! ^^

Hey Vampy,

Season 3 will bring new limitation to arena gear for sure. It will make the standard for Season 3 shoulders and weapons a lot higher. 2k rating for shoulders and 19k rating needed for weapons. Also, they are moving to a new personal rating system so you will no longer be able to jump on a high rated team to boost your rating. This is so you don't have 2k rated teams selling their service or their team for thousands of gold.

Season 1 Arena gear, you will now be able to buy from BG honor. So this will help immensely for people just starting off. In order to work your way up, any new player will have to grind just as hard as the veterans did back in Season 1.

Luckily, the gear upgrade from Season 1 Arena gear to Season 2, was not that you're probably still not looking at too much of a disparity between Season 2 and 3 is my guess.

My first advice is to farm 104,000 BG honor points while you're doing your arena teams. You can store 75k. Get all of the Veteran BG stuff you can get ...or at least store the honor to purchase next season's BG gear.

I'm a little upset about the standard of the 2k rating for shoulders but I also see why they are doing this. Too may people are simply playing a minimum of ten games per week and through the course of several months, are entitled to the same gear as people who play 30 games a day. I think there should be some separation between people who are only in it for gear..and those who are really committed to Arena play.

Like any thing in WoW, a couple weeks of grinding is in order. This is a sad sordid fact but true nonetheless. If you're serious about Arenas, you'll need to find a truly committed 3v3 or 5v5 team so you can practice daily. Also, if you check out a lot of the armory for the top teams, you will often find players in the top spots who don't have full Mericless but are rather blue in gear. This is because some matrixes allow for class composition to compensate for gear.

Hope this info helps. And GL with the Arenas!!
take care,


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