Thursday, October 11, 2007

Episode 29 is up

hehehe... one of my occasional not just a blogger moments!

Okay..I hit 70 and as promised, I began work on editing this week....and so I finally got the Blizzcon 2007 episode out!!! yay!! SORRY SORRY FOR THE UBER DELAY. I know it's like soo 2 months ago!


So, I apologize that it's not all good news etc...but it's my account of Blizzcon nonetheless..hehe.

Special thanks to Malcort, Krystofar, and Mak.
Music for Episode 29 provided by Merivel :D

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Dustin said...

I mean thanks :D

Moonknight said...

Downloading now, my drive to work will be a little more enjoyable today!

Pvthudson said...


Mercot said...

Hmmm…I’m sensing the need to petition Blizz to bring in Alachia to MC the Arenas for next year…

I watched the WCIII matches on some hosting site…I totally know the German guy and the girl you mentioned who stood in for the Starcraft finals. Their commentary for the WCIII games was interesting, if a little awkward and halting. And to be honest it was very difficult to understand the guy. I find foreign accents fascinating and all, but not when I’m trying to follow an RTS match.

Seriously, though. All flattery aside, can anyone think of a better candidate for Arena commentary than our fave WoW blogger (and occasional podcaster)?

WoWCritic said...

I have to say that I am a bit disappointed with this episode of the podcast. After two months of nothing but dead air, we get a podcast of mostly prerecorded stuff and you just nitpicking Blizzcon to pieces.

I went to the convention as well, but I walked away with quite a different view and actually took some time to commiserate with other World of Warcraft players.

I am not certain exactly what you were expecting, but all I know is the little show you did in New York is off the air permanently, but Blizzard is still going strong.

Give up on the podcasting and just continue to obsess on arenas.

Starman said...

Another great show. A lot of people I spoke to came away with the same views you did. It's good to see honesty from you as always. I really liked Spurlok's segements. You really should do the shoutcasts for the arenas.

@wowcritic - you don't seem to have a lot to show for your namesake.

wowcast said...


I think I made myself pretty clear from the podcast as to what I was expecting going into Blizzcon and why it came up short of my expectations.

From what I've read, WSVG is down for the count...they've decided to take their gaming all online instead of through the televised route. I think this was a wise move since I have yet to see a decent pro-gaming televised broadcast.

Perhaps professional gaming is on the rocks...dunno for sure. Only time and our support will tell :D

And thanks but I think I'll still be podcasting and still obsessing on Arenas...

I'm still a huge wow junky...with actually a renewed interest in PvE due to my new little pally. She is awesome!

I'm glad you enjoyed the I said, many people did. I think it all depended on what you came in hoping for from the convention...

Brian said...

Enjoyed the show.

In case anyone was offended by anything I said, the opinions expressed by Spurlock were also those of Alachia, all her toons, Wowcast Worldwide Inc., and perhaps even Felix.

Anyway, glad the show is back. Every other week now, right? :D


foden said...

Alachia - the morning after I made that snarky 'used to be cool, just a blogger now' comment I considered tapping in "aw shit, you're still cool" or something to that effect.

I didn't however and thats my cross to bear. I apologise. I don't make a habit of "browse-by-nasties" but that was one.

Blogger or podcaster, you're still cool kid and though Digg & Reddit have put me off reading blogs for life, I'll make an effort to keep up with yours.

Thanks for being yourself.

Anonymous said...

Wohooo! A new show ;D

Richard said...

Loved your coverage of blizzcon, Alachia. For people such as myself who couldn't go this was a real treat. Thank you!

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