Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Gruul's Strat

Hahaha. PHREAK I'm freaking!(hackers reference)

Yeah, I tend to go a little psycho when I'm planning something out sometimes. I want everything perfect and as efficient and organized as possible. And to be honest, when you have no experience with an instance except for a super botchy attempt made months ago, you don't have much to go from.

I've read what I can from wikki, forums, and bosskillers but you never know if what works for one guild, works for another.

I'll be super excited if we down High King Maulgar tonight. I've pretty much broken up the raid into the different adds.

Seer- Kill first. Sibyll will tank. Rexfelis to midirect on Sibyll. Myself and another pally will be healing. When shield goes up, raid will be asked to burn any instant dps or just anything to burn down the priest shield. Rogue will have applied poisons etc. When shield goes down, Rogue stuns the Seer so he doesn't AOE heal the rest of the adds. Repeat until down. Once done, Mathas and myself will move to spot healing the raid. Sibyll will help dps.

Warlock- Kill Second. Two tanks. Sad and Boozefort. Nublock (lock) will enslave the felhound during the first pull. Nub and Gataki (locks) will then be need to keep felhound enslaved or banished. Felhound can be used as off tank if controlled right, if so, healers will need to keep the felhound up as well. Gravin(pally) and Theadin(priest) will be the healers for this fight. After downed, Gravin will move to Trax and Theadin will move to healing Blackfist and Rexfelis on the Shaman. Sad and Booze move to dps.

Mage- Kill Third. Runciter(mage) will be the main tank. He should spellsteal fireward before the fireball. Fearrar(priest) and Aiikea(priest) will be the main healers for Runciter. Healers should stay out of Blastwave range. After done, Aiikea will move to Trax(main tank) and Fearrar will move to spot healing raid.

Shaman- Kill Fourth. Rex and Black with Aspect of Nature up. They both tank ranged on the far side of the room near Gruul's gate. When one gets sheep, the other begins tanking. Perhaps is the main healer for this fight. After done, Perhaps will move to Trax(main tank) and Theadin will move to raid heals. Rex and Black move to dps the boss.

Maulgar- Last kill. Blackfist to misdirect on Trax. Trax tanks full fight. Sang (shammy) should dps in range to drop tremor totem, grace of air, and mana spring totems. At close to 50%, Mahon (dwarf priest) casts fearward on Trax. All dps and healers should move away during whirlwind (7k dmg to plate). Raid healers will have to clean fast after random charge attacks. Amplify magic should be kept on Trax during the fight (Neusa priority but if dead, Flipmax, then Hoodwinked responsibility). Melee dps-safest to approach Maulgar right after whirlwind.

I'm still sketchy on the initial pull though. Some say to do it with the mage, others say to do it with a Pally bubble. I guess we'll try the mage pull first.

For Gruul:
Amp magic, devo aura, HP buffs etc on the entire raid.
The objective is to kill Gruul before he hits around 17 Growth debuffs.

MT must have more agro than OT. OT must have more agro that the rest of the raid at all times. MT will be hit with a normal attack, OT (second agro) will be hit with HURTFUL STRIKE (12,350 dmg). MT and OT should be topped off at all times to counter healer cc.

Pull: Misdirect on Main tank. Let MT and OT build agro. Raid gets into position and then begins dps.

Raid Fight:
Important general raid info is to stay around 9 yards apart from the next player.
Random attacks (GROUNDSLAM/SHATTER) will occur that will need spot healing. As long as players remain apart during these attacks, the dmg should be easily healed. GROUNDSLAM: Players will be tossed in random directions...important to move away from another player asap. SHATTER: aoe dmg around the target 15yrd radius. Players can use obstacles in the lair to avoid being tossed far from GROUNDSLAM.

MT and OT must run back into position. OT must regain second agro asap.

Trax (druid) to main tank and Sad (warrior to offtank). They say warriors can use last stand and shield wall to survive the last of the HURTFUL STRIKES.

If any of this seems off, please let me know in a few hours! hahahah.


Caitin said...

I just emailed you some tweeks to your strat. Good luck and have fun!!

Alachia said...

wow! Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it!

Igoo said...

Since it takes people time to get into position you may not want to waste a hunter MD on the initial pull, MT should be able to be the first in and start building aggro as people are still running. From looking at your HKM strat it looks like you only have two hunters. We usually keep our hunters on a MD rotation on the OT as they often have a tough time staying 2nd melee on aggro. Also any healers that have a armor buff on crit heals can be great on the tank. If you can keep that 25% armor buff up after growth 10 it can be a real saver. We have had an elemental shaman throw rank 1 healing waves just to keep the buff up (1 sec cast with a 30% crit it is not hard). Also when I was first tanking gruul I would use ironshield potions for an additional 2500 armor. Keep tanks up don't pull aggro and as long as people stay alert of cave ins i am sure you will get him down.

Unknown said...

On Gruul having a Druid MT is good especially with the Imp Lay on Hands. You should dedicate a healer to the offtank, just 1 priest should be able to handle it. Remember that Offtank cannot under any circumstances get away from the feet of Gruul...he needs to be right under him at all times or the MT will take a hurtfull strike. The DPS should not have to heal themselves ever, this is a DPS intensive fight you want to get him down fast as possible so they have to lay into him as much as possible. I forget what the respawn on the mobs outside are but if you know that you're going to wipe...just do it, you'll only get so many tries till you have to clear again. Goodluck it's a fun fight, if at times infuriating. OH work out a "Bubble" sequence between healers for the stun. You'll need a pally up for a big heal incase everyone is stunned.

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