Thursday, November 16, 2006

Back to Azeroth

so. i've been on my FPS sabatical from WoW for 3 weeks. Yesterday marked my official return to Azeroth. I spent all of last night burning off rested XP in STV with taint and felix. Two Shadow Priests and a Warlock. It was sick and I mean in the best way.

The best thing about the night was trying to run distractions for each other from the horde at Nessingway's camp. There were like 2 level 60 rogues camping the place and not allowing people to turn in their quests. We each took turns being decoys. lol.

PvP servers aren't for people with little patience but it's never dull for sure.
You just have to have the stomach for it.

So anyhow, I log online and the first thing I notice is that we have a guild webpage. LOL. I'm like When did this happen? hahhahaha. Taint said they put it together so we would have a way to communicate while at work through forums and chat.

Then of course, people had to give me a hard time too. Part of being in JAE, we all engage in the verbal slaughtering of each other. it's awesome. again, it requires the stomach for it as well as a huge sense of humor. but anyhow, it felt good to be home.

And I was happy to see that my account wasn't part of the 23,000 that got banned by Blizzard this past week. PHEW!


Trevor said...

More bans? or are you just behind on the info?

Alachia said...

no dude. MORE bans.

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