Friday, November 10, 2006

Sickness according to WoW

I think a warlock is trying to gank me. Someone keeps soul draining me.

And a priest must be shadow word paining me. cuz every couple of seconds i find myself coughing and my throat burning.

And of course there's shammy on my ass... frostshock! frostshock! brrrrrr...shiver...

i don't want to play anymore /logout

i wish.

/cough! ouch!!!


Anonymous said...

Come on! You know you wanna give the shammy some love, don't forget they have the ability to purge poison and disease!

So, maybe if you were to treat em' right they could help in your wow sickness ;)

Way too much wow for me.

Hope you're feeling better soon!


Alachia said...

thanks. unless you have alchemy 300 i don't think any class is gonna help me. :)


Anonymous said...

Actually my Shammy did have 300 alch 300 herbalism, so hey, give shammies a chance...

Just kidding.

*looks at the clock*

Time for me to go home!

*jumps out of his work chair and runs as fast as he can out the door*



Anonymous said...

But how would a shammy help you with it's 300 herbalism if it's frost shockin' your ass

Alachia said...

my point exactly!
never trust a shammy. even ones with 300 alchemy and offering you meds.

Anonymous said...

So you don't want my Flask of Major Health Recovery?

You should be lying in bed ;)

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