Thursday, November 16, 2006

Digital Voice Recorder

So I'm beyond bored at work. I don't have anything to work on at the moment. That's usually how it goes at my company. One week, you'll work 85 hours and the next week, you're lucky if you have more than 20 hours of work to do.

So, I've been researching Digital Voice Recorders. I've been wanting one for the longest time. I'd love to be able to record on the go as well as be able to keep track of some of my more random thoughts and ideas for the podcast.

Can anyone recommend a really good one? I've checked amazon, new egg, overstock, and all the reviews on the internet. Seems like Olympus has the highest rating so far.

Some of these are also pretty expensive. I don't want to spend like over 150 if I can help it. The M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96 looks delicous but it's 400 dollars.

The VN-3100PC Olympus looks promising and its only 70.00, plus the noise canceling mic is only 20.

Yesterday evening, Boozefort and I were joking about having money trees in our backyards. Time to do some yard work and rake up some benjamins. hahahah.

Sigh. So bored. I wish I was playing WoW.


Anonymous said...

I have the Olympus WS-100 which has surprisingly good sound. $99
However the WS-200 has a higher quality setting. It works like a USB drive and is very light and small. Works on 1 AA and has a headphone and mic jack.

2nd part of the podcast was great with all the info on the changes. On the Horde side there will be a bunch of people including me who will be rolling a pally for the 1st time. You had a bit of a pally show a while back and it would be great to hear a full guide again.

Anonymous said...

I use the iAudio U2 1gig for recording podcasts on the go and have fantastic results. Definitely look into this one. I used it during show 37.5 and 40.5 to do shows while driving home from work in the middle of the week. I also used it at the Austin game Conference to capture the presentations and some short bits for the podcast. Good luck.

Alachia said...

Thanks much for the recommendations!
I might be going to NYC soon and wanted to be able to record the experience.

Plus, I've always wanted one and I love digital knicknacks! :D

Anonymous said...

Why not set up some way in which fans can donate a lil cash to help with expenses? i think PayPal can do it for you but i also think they charge which might defeat the purpose if not enough people donate :D
Just a thought

(Cant log in for some reason on this computer)

Alachia said...

i thought about it but haven't really gotten comfortable with the idea.

but feel free to farm gold for me! lol. j/k!

Anonymous said...

Heh i still aren't in WoW :D

I would have thought by now I would stop wanting it as bad.... I was wrong :(

Altho, should have internet in three days! Joyous technology return!!

(Bah blocks again)

Anonymous said...

I still aren't in Wow? Sorry really bad wording :S

Maccy again

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