Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Half way there!

I went home for lunch and did more editing. 50% complete now.

More inside information for those of you who read the blog: Britney Spears finally makes it into a WoWcast episode. yeah! Okay okay. not Britney in person. But seriously, who would want that?

You guys would be proud of me, I only dicked around on the Net for 1 hour yesterday before I started the editing of the 4.5 hours of audio I had. :D

I was looking up spoilers for The Office Season 3, the US version.


Maclort said...

How long would you estimate til its Published :D
I keep forgetting the time difference... I'm assuming the earliest being my early tomorrow morning (i think im 8 hours aheadish? Bah maths)

wowcast said...

well. seeing that i'm back at work now..and not editing...who knows.

more than likely will be done before i go to bed tonight. so at the latest, 2am my time? heh.

wishful thinking anyhow.

Jeremy said...

gah. i can't wait. your podcasts are the only ones worth listening to these days. i keep them on my psp and listen to them every now and then until you come out with another one. only turn off is... gulp... alliance :P this coming from an ex-ally himself and all... keep up the good work, i can't wait to hear episode 20 <3

wowcast said...

hahaha... that's hilarious dude.

i can just read your personal ad:
my turn ons are tusks, hoofs, and decaying skin.

my turn offs are alliance, teeth, and good posture.

you better start liking other podcasts man, cuz you're about to get an earful of WoP in Episode 20.


Gamerpunk said...

Just discovered your podcast from listening to an old Sam show. OMFG, just fucking incredible. I will write or voicemail more later when I can but for now... I cannot wait to hear the next episode. Great, great stuff, the social science aspect, the honesty...
Girl Gamer, new to WoW, L55 Rogue Sub Spec

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