Monday, November 20, 2006

Why We Are a Static Party

because we have convos like this:
(incase you can't tell, it's extremely laced with sarcasm)
(background: he's pissed at me for not lvling our alts this weekend. he blames the podcast.)
(he would be livid if he saw I posted this so shhhhhh)

Taint says: (5:54:06 PM) ^^
alachia says: (5:55:26 PM) no cheesecake mom says
alachia says: (5:55:32 PM) we're going to have dessert covered
Taint says: (5:56:05 PM) ok
alachia says: (5:57:52 PM) i think my email is slow.
alachia says: (5:58:03 PM) i just got that email like 15 minutes ago
alachia says: (5:58:15 PM) and sometimes, i don't get emails for 2-3 days
Taint says: (5:58:32 PM) yeah
Taint says: (5:59:28 PM) poor fans
alachia says: (5:59:53 PM) whatever dude. i answer all emails sent
Taint says: (6:00:45 PM) uh huh
alachia says: (6:00:55 PM) my signature looks like this:
alachia says: (6:01:08 PM) alachia wow4life tai hates you all
Taint says: (6:01:39 PM) its ok i log on your character and ignore everybody that /tells u
Taint says: (6:01:41 PM) just like u do
alachia says: (6:01:52 PM) lmao...riiiight.
alachia says: (6:01:57 PM) thanks. that's a good brother :P
Taint says: (6:02:16 PM) except i usually put an afk msg, those who can't like retards listen to those who can on podcasts
alachia says: (6:02:44 PM) uh huh
Taint says: (6:02:45 PM) you should do those who can't play listen to podcast
alachia says: (6:03:12 PM) lol. yeah. good idea. one of the major goals of the podcast is to piss every wow player off.
alachia says: (6:03:13 PM) :P
Taint says: (6:03:22 PM) haha
alachia says: (6:03:29 PM) you're so arrogant. i listen to podcasts.
Taint says: (6:03:30 PM) REAL wow players play wow
Taint says: (6:03:41 PM) i.e. not my sister cuz she refuses to lvl with us
Taint says: (6:03:47 PM) uh huh got ditched this weekend
alachia says: (6:03:56 PM) i don't want to leave sadin behind. you know how he is
alachia says: (6:04:05 PM) you ditched me to play starcraft!
Taint says: (6:04:29 PM) w/e. i said come get me when u want to play
Taint says: (6:04:36 PM) i was lvling pali
Taint says: (6:04:42 PM) 13 thank you very much
alachia says: (6:04:57 PM) at least you didn't fucking reroll her 20 times like your priest
Taint says: (6:04:57 PM) i see how it is, free trip to new york > than playing with family
alachia says: (6:05:12 PM) tell me you wouldn't do the same
Taint says: (6:05:12 PM) yeah you remember this!
alachia says: (6:05:41 PM) meet fatality > waiting for sadin to log on
Taint says: (6:05:47 PM) uh huh
Taint says: (6:06:00 PM) felix is like lvl 45
Taint says: (6:06:03 PM) with his warrior
alachia says: (6:06:09 PM) i see. you're ready to just smoke him..and then we lose our 4th!
Taint says: (6:06:16 PM) smoke who
alachia says: (6:06:19 PM) sadin
Taint says: (6:06:20 PM) i asked sadin
Taint says: (6:06:23 PM) he said u would lvl him
Taint says: (6:06:28 PM) and you would grind off xp
Taint says: (6:06:29 PM) so we could lvl while he was gone
alachia says: (6:06:30 PM) he won't play if we out-level him
Taint says: (6:06:38 PM) yeah he said u would lvl him
alachia says: (6:06:38 PM) i would level him?
alachia says: (6:06:41 PM) are you smoking crack?
alachia says: (6:06:50 PM) i'm not leveling him
alachia says: (6:07:08 PM) you can level him


Anonymous said...

lol i love the rapid succession of:

i would level him?

are you smoking crack?

i'm not leveling him

you can level him

Sibling love ^^

Trevor said...

/flame shield

Anonymous said...

Interesting conversation, but my question did you extract it from the game? Like did you type all that out or is there a way to copy chat?

Now I'm the nubling.

Alachia said...

it's from a chat window. not from WoW.

Alachia said...

we tend to harrass each other alot when one of us isn't keeping up to speed with the others. It's part of being in a static party. kinda like the marines... leave no man behind... except we of course we don't blow real shit up or kill real people or fight in real wars or sacrifice our real lives... yeah.. so i guess not like the marines...

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