Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Miss Video Game

Miss Video Game - Now accepting Contestants

Thanks Jdun for posting this. I don't want to know how you know about this.


so I started to respond with a smart ass commment and decided to blog it instead.

"If I were Miss Video Game, no warrior would go without agro, no spell caster would ever be without water!! Portals will always be free. My hope is that no child will ever be without a 23" flat screen monitor. And that all people no matter how poorly they game, will be able to equally afford the experience of a intel 2 core duo. /kisss /wave /wow4life"



Anonymous said...

Did you actually reply?

jason said...

Awesome. You've got my vote ;)

Anonymous said...

Got my vote

wowcast said...

no way.

the only contest i want to enter is one that entails fragging.

Anonymous said...

Ha frag the other girls! And woot I got into the beta!

Anonymous said...

It was all over the net. However the first time I saw it was in the Girl Gamer Blog at http://4thegirlgamers.blogspot.com/


wowcast said...


ooh. she's cute. i'd vote for her.

Anonymous said...

Yeah she is cute. Lots of profiles in the Miss Video Game website of the players.


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