Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Episode 20 links

The Burning Crusade Exposed Part 1 is up.

Here are the links we discussed in Part 1 and 2.

Official WoW Burning Crusade info page

Dances: The Videos
Male Blood Elves/Napolean Dynamite
Original Blood Elf Dances
Male Draenei Dance Tunak Tunak Tun
Yes, I realize this is not a blood elf. But the chic dancing is super cute! I'm intoxicated! anyhow. It's the same dance as the female blood elf.

Draenei mount. DROOOOL!

Feral Druid Staff

Hard Mode Token rewards

Tier 4 gear stats

Official Forum Post about +healing nurf

What we drooled over in Part 2:
Gladiator Weapons DROOOL

Tier 5 gear

Sam was right,
Healing Power Weapon is dropped in MC. It's the bracers that you get from Argent Dawn Rep.

Remember. Part 2 can be found at World of Podcast. I'm not sure when he's releasing it. But he has an edited version. So it should be out. Go bug him if it's not out by the morning.

Appologies for the occasional sound fade. Skype has a way of fading ALL the essential words out of our conversation. lol.

Special thanks to Scott Valencia for hooking me up with a Beta Account to play on.

Most of the background music in this episode is from the Burning Crusade. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Woohoo, thanks for the new episode!
Hopefully Sam also releases his podcast today ^^ kudos to both of you!

Anonymous said...

Cool, I'm in the beta too :D

Anonymous said...

zomgosh! you release it while i'm at school... so cruel :(

Anonymous said...

lol should you really be viewing the site at school?

Legault said...

There was a few kinks, like occasionally it would sound like a robot is talking gibberish. But otherwise, a good episode.

Alachia said...

yeah. i'll never do a recording like that again. skype connection isn't that great.

Anonymous said...

well i mean the instance seems to get it done alright... lol. i was in c++ programming and i was ahead of my class, again :D i thought it was pretty good <3

Unknown said...

Next time we'll bite the bullet and record separate audio files and put them together. If there's any interference on the Skype network, the problems you heard will pop up.

Part 2 is up, but iTunes may not be listing it yet.

Alachia said...

we can't all be thrall....

Anonymous said...

Alachia you mentioned in the episode that you had been on Sam's podcast earlier and had a debate. Which episode was that?

Trevor said...


Alachia said...

I was on Episode 7, Entitled Longest Podcast Ever! heh.

It was recorded literally at like don't expect to hear too much sanity.

What is WCABT?

Alachia said...

nevermind. i scrolled up. WCABT. heh.
taverncast FTW!

Trevor said...


What would thrall do

Anonymous said...

Awesome shows. Great points, and not raunchy at all :D. I like when podcasters know their material. I was nodding my head the whole time.

Hey Blizz - don't nerf the healers!

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