Friday, November 17, 2006

New Office

Here's my new desk area. Notice I got the desk furthest away from my psychotic bosses.

Today I have spent half the day cleaning out my work area for the big office move. We're moving to the 20th floor of a building in downtown Austin.

So far I have found a lot of epic loot under the piles of software and drawings at my desk. An AOL free trial CD, my clear no stickers that go over the W on your keyboard, and a you win 1 liter coke cap!


Anonymous said...

That map is classic. Made my day at work, especially since my desk was relocated this morning as well...

Anonymous said...

Thats awesome!! can i have the coke...? lol

Trevor said...

Imagine if your boss saw those floor plans :P

And you right next to the materials so GL getting people not to hang around your little cuby hole.

Alachia said...

brent, yeah. I got 3rd choice on seating so I kind of got my first pick. I'm pretty excited about moving finally. now if I can only figure out a way to play WoW discreetly.

trev, fyi, the materials lab doesn't get accessed as often as you might think.

midnight, and yes, you absolutely can have the coke.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is that I just moved buildings at work too...gotta love boxing up all that is yours in life and whisking it away to a new area, today is my second day here and it's....weird.

I'm working on getting a laptop to play WoW on while I'm at work...(at least on Saturdays)...anyhow have a good one!


Trevor said...
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Trevor said...

Alt - Tab FTW

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