Sunday, November 19, 2006

Real Life is So Overrated!

So tonight was pretty fun....

The dance club,Vicci, Ren and I went to was SUPER LAME. The DJ was a joke. He played shit like "hey mickey" and "humpty hump". Enough said. Dance clubs in Austin need help.

The real fun began after we left the dance club at 2am to head to Walmart to pick up WoW for Ren. We had way more fun dancing in the car to the radio (my ipod broke). Shakin' to some weird 50s music medley, mocking the love balad boy band moves to boyz2men, and new waving to depeche mode. /dance ftw! I told him that now that he'll be playing WoW, we won't have to go to lame dance clubs anymore and can just dance in the game. He was like, "What? You can dance in the game??? Is this like the SIMS?" I was like "Sort of, but not really. lol. You'll see."

At Walmart, I picked up toothpaste, a new furry friend I'm calling WoW moose, and World of Warcraft!!!

When we got back to my place, I marched him straight to my computer, had him create an account and then the real fun began. This is his first MMO. We spent like an hour at the character creation screen with me going through all the race and class combinations. He was like "I want to be horde." I was like "Sorry, not an option."
mwahahhaha. I didn't even tell him about Shamans.

After much debating and trying to explain mana vs rage vs energy, he finally settled on a male NightElf Rogue and YES, I told him about the +5 swords human racial ability. It'll be 3 months before he's any the wiser anyhow! heh.

I then gave him tips on combo points and what items mean in this game and how to play with the user interface a bit. But just like all mmo starters, he seemed to get the most kick out of the player interaction more than anything else. /say /silly /kiss /dance.

pointing to another night elf killing boars...
Ren: "Are those real people??"
Me: "yes"
Ren: "Can they see me?"
Me: "yes"
Ren: "So that other night elf can see me right now?"
Me: "yes"


Ren: "can I kill that rabbit?"
Me: "yes"
Ren: "does that make me turn evil?"
Me: "no"

During the entire crash course, the hardest thing to explain by far was rested XP. For someone who XP doesn't mean anything to yet, rested XP makes even far less sense. But believe me, he'll be parking it in an inn before he logs out.

I then showed off all my characters. My druid was in Ironforge and he was like "oh look! a person on a horse!" And I thought to myself how awesome it is to be able to see someone enjoying the game with fresh eyes. Just how amazing all the aspects of the MMO are.

So I would have to say the drug deal went as planned. WoWcrack FTW.
And the last of my non-WoW friends is converted! You know what? I'm not a WoWcrack dealer. I'm a WoW Evangalist. Preaching wow4life to the whole world!



Trevor said...


give that man some crack

Anonymous said...

Didn't even TELL him about Shaman?

Come on now! ;)


Alachia said...

yeah..i don't know why, shammys just totally slipped my mind!!!


Anonymous said...

Me and a friend recently got someone else into WoW :D
He was also a rogue.

And dam i keep hearing all these American things that seem to be v popular, Walmart?
I feel left out, excuse me while i google it hehe

Alachia said...

Walmart is the shit!

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