Wednesday, November 01, 2006

XX vs XY

I don't like to mention my sex much. Yes, I'm a girl.
But you'll never here me refer to myself as a GIRL gamer. Just gamer.

But I must admit that there is a divide between the sexes that crosses over from RL to the gaming world. Why men automatically think they're going to be better than a girl at a video game is something I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. Okay, I'll allow debates about physical differences between the male and female body type. But seriously, a video game is just about controlling your VR avatar with a keyboard and mouse. And I don't know about you, but I've wooped some dudes in thumb wars. LOL.

But I shit you not, men get so frustrated when a "girl" kicks their ass in an FPS. Also, I find that they tend to target me first either thinking I'll be easier or out of frustration. I DON'T KNOW. but sometimes, being a gamer, it sucks having the extra X chromo instead of the Y.

I'm going to this huge LAN party this weekend. I'm pretty excited about it. I'm also nervous about diving into a sausage fest. I imagine the place will be disgusting by Saturday night. Also nervous about how people will recieve me. I hope they shrug me off. I'm very used to hanging out with men, but men are NOT used to hanging with me.

They see a girl in the room and they are like, "AH man, who brought the girl?? Man, now we can't cuss and be crude, fart, burp, and do MAN-things!"

lol. I get where they are coming from. I do. And usually once guys hang out with me for awhile, they drop the polite act and start being themselves. And that's when it's more fun.

Do you think I should disguise myself for the LAN party? Put my hair in a beanie cap, wear baggy sweaters and sweat pants? And greet everybody with a hefty "SUP, MAN!"




Anonymous said...

Being a guy I'll say be who you are, not every guy out there is like you portray, nor is every guy out there afraid of playing with least I'm not.


Matt Tan said...

Definitely wear a beanie / cap and a Jersey if you can manage it and add in the head-nod when you greet nonchalantly with "Sup dude/due/cuz/bro/bra"

It would be fucking hilarious. Girls can have so much fun sometimes.

Alachia said...

"suuuup cuz!"

lol. i think i can pull it off. :D

yeah. i know not all guys are like what i portray. i know this because all of my friends are guys. :D
and all of my friend respect me for who i am... and they don't get pissed cuz a girl beats them. they get pissed when anyone beats them. lol.

sometimes i often wish i was a boy.
but alas...i am not.

Maclort said...

Ooh what are youse gonna be gamin at it?
I keep tryin to get a lan party where i live but honestly, apparently there aren't that many geeks at university.
I used to go to ones with counter-strike and all the other counter-strike related maps. Was so much fun.

Enjoy it! Or... is it over yet...hmm.
The time difference always confuses me :S

Anonymous said...

I know that girls realy are better at FPS. Hand-Eye-Coordination is somehow better. I always lose when playing against a girl *hehe* and I admit: "I have no probs with it". NO competition, just having fun playing games. :)

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