Saturday, November 04, 2006

Lan Party: Day 1, Part 2

Okay. Day 1 was bizzare to say the least. Or maybe I just need to get out of the house more often. We arrive in New Braunfels (felix, taint, sadin, and I) around 8ish. We're following the driving directions and curving around this gravel road. I see this lit house in the distance and I'm like, "That must be it". As we approach the house we don't see any cars so we're thinking that this can't be it. As we get closer to where the road takes a sharp left, the head lights of the car shine on about 20 little goats everwhere! All over the road. They are around the house and at the end of the road. And I'm visualizing to myself of this wicked gaming witch who turns gamers into goats. :D

We drive past the goats and see another house. This time, there are a lot of cars. This is it.

We set up our system. The living room of the house we're in is gigantic. I'm looking infront of me and there's a fish tank, a double decker cage with a cat and dog in it. To my left is a boa constrictor. Some tells me not to try to pet the cat cuz it will go psycho on you. The cat was cool though because it was short haired and all white. I have an all black cat.

When I first got into the house, there was a ton of people. I probably came off as a stuck up bitch cuz I'm too shy to introduce myself to people. I did see a couple of familiar faces from WoW so that was comforting. I was happy to see other girls least 4-5. But then none of them played. Instead, they all gathered in front of the television and watched porn. I shit you not!! There was porn in the background while we were playin BF2142. I thought maybe it was some war diversionary tactic.

So we load up the game, joined the local server. All the practice helped. JAE represented!! I think we came a little too prepared was the problem. The other team didn't really have too much of a chance. We ended up having to join up on a real non-local server. I think the whole thing would have been better had we just bought BF2142 that night. I can see how it would be a dissadvantage for people who just picked up the game. I know I would have been a little dissoriented. So I guess if we switch games, things will even out more. Still, I was impressed that his internet connection was able to support like 15+ people piping through to some 2142 server and a few people playing WoW.

Around 3am, I broke down and ate a Krispy Kreme donut from the kitchen. We left the house around 3:30-4am. I was dead tired because of staying up at work from the night before. As we were leaving, we almost ran over two minature horses walking across the road.

Then I watched Spirited Away until I fell asleep..probably around 5am.

Over all, a very surreal experience. Day 2 should be interesting.


Kaz said...

There might actually have been more animals mentioned in your LAN post than games.

I salute you.

gl hf and stuff.

jason said...

goats and miniature horses, interesting...very interesting.

Legault said...

Wow, that sounds crazy.

Anonymous said...

War tactics... Holy shit!

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