Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Best Mod since Itemrack

I recently installed Cartographer (from wowace)...

At first I was really impressed by the fact that all zones of the map show up whether or not they are explored. You can have a translucent color set to show places you haven't discovered yet...it's all customizable.

But bringing up my pally, it was really nice to see the entire area of a zone.

Next cool thing was when you're in an instance, it brings up the map of the instance you're in...so no need to download atlas. And it gives you location of bosses and their loot tables.

It shows you where other guild members are, their player notes, and how far away you are from them. You can sit there and be a voyeur all day long. "and now Sadin is coming out of the Mystic Ward and to the AH" LOL.

But the other night, I was looking up where a "body" was for a quest on Thottbot and it said "try /tloc 45,64"

I thought hmmm. was /tloc some kind of in-game homing system I didn't know about. So I tried it on my machine without Cartographer and nothing happened.

So I tried the /tloc on my comp with Cartographer installed and got this cool waypoint/compass feature which lead me straight to the body and let me know how long it would take too..

kick @ss sh1t.


Unknown said...

HOLY CRAP!...I gotta try that I've used Cartographer forever and never knew that!

Gamer Hudson said...

Interesting never knew that with the waypoint arrow, I use CT Map Mod and make notes then if I reformat my machine I copy the info back over to my user profile. I have all the quest mobs noted and places to farm etc etc

I have to check this out

Steve said...

Cartographer is a great addon. I also found it pretty late in the game and now I can't imagine the game without it.

Great blog & podcast, I'm a fan!

Unknown said...

I was trying out Cartographer on a laptop, I dunno, seemed a little messy although the features did rock. I'll probably upgrade to it sometime soon.

Dalmore said...

If you looking for another great mod to help level try Tom Tom


Works great for finding locs for quests.

Works great with Lightheaded. It brings up the user comments from Wowhead including coords for quests etc. Click on any blue highlighted text and TomTom takes over to get you there!


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