Monday, September 24, 2007

Country meets Un'Goro

I don't know about you but when I'm in WoW, I tend to listen to music a lot...especially when I quest. It's interesting how I start to associate certain music to some zones in WoW. Terrokar Forest-Nelly Fertado, Nagrand-John Mayer, Netherstorm-4th Ambit (the audio story), etc..

A few days ago when my pally was level 48 in Un'Goro, I picked up the new Kenny Chesney album Poets and Pirates. I will have to say that by far that is the most surreal sh!t ever. Country star croonin' this love song called 'Scare Me' and my pally taking on terradactals in a lush jungle setting. hahahah. trippy!!!

Now I need a new soundtrack for the Outlands. James Blunt and Sara Bareilles were the staple for Hellfire.. I just need one for Zanger. heh.

Yup, I am now in Zangarmarsh and hittin' up quests like a storm. I've devised a clever questing plan since I'm too cheap to buy a leveling guide and don't want to waste time stumbling around. I went to google to look for a map of all the Outland territories. I was going to print them out and then mark coords to /tloc and number the points so that I go in order... my questing roadmap. Then I just cross them off as I go.

Well, when I was google-ing, I found these awesome maps I could use as a base for my roadmap. It kicks @ss. I just number them and coordinate it with my /tloc and go from zone to zone and knock um all out. Thanks to whoever did these!




blade's edge



Gamer Hudson said...

Those maps are awesome arent they? I used to have those posted up on my guilds site and lost the link, thanks for reposting. I too have music associated with certain zones as I leveled, such as Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, etc etc you think to yourself "man I listened to that whole album twice when I was doing Hellfire the first time!"

Sean said...

If only they made similar maps for the rest of the zones...

Music wise I usually listen to some house or trance. Turned down low enough that it just gives ambiance. Lol the other night I was farming for the Khorium belt recipe in Nagrand, I flipped on the matrix soundtrack and murdered those lost ones. Isn't it frustrating with you have to bandage or eat right when the music starts to get good?

Brian V. (aka Spurlock) said...

Maps. Alachia is awesome.

Leveling a warlock on a *cough* rp server. Level 60 and rising. The maps should be awesome.m

miss me?

Brian V. (aka Spurlock) said...

The last post was me!


Miguelgigante said...

Maybe it is old school, but Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the moon and Wish You Were Here albums both go very well with the Zangarmarsh visuals.

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