Sunday, September 02, 2007

JAE Guild RL meeting

I'm pretty excited about today. The guild is having a get-2gether in Austin at Rudy's BBQ for dinner. yummy..brisket and sausage...
lol. focus!..guildies. not food.

yeah, I think it should be fun. I'm expecting somewhere around 10-15 of us showing up. I'm not sure but I thought about bringing name tags for some of us who have never met face to face. lol.

Also, Friday, I tried to sit down and do a family+friend tree for the guild and man it's way too complicated. There are too many cross overs of "he's a friend of hers but also the co-worker of him and he's the brother of that guy but he's also friends with the first guy." lol. You should see my "map"... it's got lines going all over the place.

The easiest way I know how to break it up is The Gravin bunch, The Boozefort bunch, The original jae, Theadin/Trax Factor, The Shade bunch, Nub's friends, Terrer's Minions, Flipmax's friends, The Bellforce clan, and The Co-Workers/ex-CoWorkers group
(and of course there are about a million crossovers from each of those groups. I'm probably forgetting a group)

They all come from different backgrounds and family styles but somehow they mesh so well together. It's something I'm always really happy worked out for us. 'jae' has taken a whole new meaning for me. It's like, our little gaming family. I suppose, I can see how guilds like The Syndicate stuck together for so long. If you have the right dynamic, you just don't want to leave it.

Sometimes when we take an FPS break, I really miss being in guild. I'm not a big talker in guild chat but I like to engage in some of the witty banter from time to time. Mostly, I like listening to everyone else talk. It's a pretty dynamic group. Not just personality in RL but also game play.

Peeps range from super casual players (about 1 year played time to 60) to a multitude of people who have more than one level 70 char. We've got people who like PvE and those who prefer PvP (raises hand). And almost everyone is into ganking horde. :D can't go wrong there!

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to meet The Bellforce clan for the first time. In anycase, yummy bbq!!! :D



Gamer Hudson said...

things like this are always fun. We had a little guild meeting here in Chicago and it was a blast.

Anonymous said...

JAECon 2007 - sweet!

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