Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I love to duel. I will lose about 20 duels in a row without hesitation. If I beat someone more than once, they usually chicken out and say "this is stupid". lol. I guess it depends on how prideful you are. The way I see it, I lose 10 times today, so I can pwn 100 times tomorrow.

Dueling different classes is by far one of the best ways to learn how to play your own class. But dueling is a pain in the @ss. Water and Food is expensive if you can't get a mage to hand some to you. And when you're dueling in between Arenas, there's no point in getting mage water and food. It disappears as soon as you get into the Arena.

What we need is a Thunderdome near Arena queing areas. A place you can go to duel, when you enter, you get full health and mana and your cooldowns reset. That would be awesome! It would at least somewhat re-vitalize dueling.


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Aunty Entity of course...unless you duel and kick her but too. lol.

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