Monday, September 17, 2007

A rapper in Felwood

So what do those two pictures have in common? LOL??? They are two really cool things I discovered in Felwood yesterday. Apparently there is now a flight path at the Emerald Circle in SOUTHERN Felwood!!! YAY! No more running back and forth up and down that linear path that takes like 7 minutes. You just quest your way up to the top and then take th flight path back down. It's sooo much nicer.

I was in Jadefire doing a kill quest. I saw this level 53 NE hunter also in the area making pulls. I usually AOE the mobs so I thought I would be nice and offer him a group invite so he could get the kills and not have to wait for respawns...

After we finished the quest, he asked if he should stay or go. I told him it was up to him but he was welcome to quest with me if he wanted. It gets pretty lonely questing by yourself, I welcomed the company.

So we did a bunch of other series of quests in Felwood..spanning to Darnassus, Ratchet, and all the way to Winterspring. Somewhere along the way, I asked him if he went to school because he said sh1t like FSHO and TIGHT. I got the impression he was like an 18 year old Freshmen. lol. and that he was probably going to miss class the next day.

But as it turned out, he was a 20 year old rapper from Pasadena, California. He pointed me to a website and his group Verbal Assasins description read as: Conscious/Political, Metaphorical, Verbal Combat, Controversial, Intellectual , Storyteller...

I was like hmmmmm...seriously? INTELLECTUAL, CONSCIOUS/POLITICAL?? I told him I hadn't heard any rap like that since Tupac died. So he let me listen to one of their songs. Sure enough, apparently there is this underground movement going on with smaller labels to try and push this type of music back into the mainstream. You know, just in case you're sick of hearing rap about shoes, bling, smackin' @sses, and all da hoes you can imagine. lol.

I said, not that rap can't have a fun edge but it's been almost 15 years since the music industry has mainstreamed anything "real".. The kind of rap that when you hear it, you're like...damn.

SO I asked him, when he goes platinum, is he gonna tell all the magazines he's got a level 70 hunter and druid?? lol. He was like "it's my dirty little secret"

He comes from a rough neighborhood, dropped out of school, escaped from crack addict family, other various things I don't feel right saying here..and just a few weeks ago, he was shot at because he was walking through the wrong neighborhood..

You couldn't find two people more different and here we are...questing together in Azeroth. Surreal right??

I asked him if he'd let me play his stuff on my podcast, but I'm not sure if he even knew what a podcast was... lol. He said he'd send me his album once they finished it.

I hope he writes a song about a bad @ss dwarf pally he once met. :)


Matt Tan said...

Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor.

Have a listen. His new album "The Cool" is out next month.

Good that you found someone pleasant to quest with, even more amazing that he's had an interesting life.

Bahamy said...

Wow thats really cool lol. Its not much a surpise, im sure MJ is playing his gnome( i have no prob with him but he should have stuck to his music) or someother celeb lol.

Unknown said...

I hope that stuff takes hold...the problem is it just doesn't seem to sell anymore. From the crap rap and hip hop I keep hearing lately I was just surprised he said nothing about your lovely Dwarf Humps. Cool story though episode soon? :D

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