Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You Broke it!

OMG. Blizzard's patch 2.2 has broken my favorite mod!!! Itemrack is torched. It bugs out now and won't allow me to inspect my own gear in the character screen. UGH! TORTURE!!!

I've tried going to wowinterface to download a new version but unfortunately that site is crashed out atm.

I read on some forum that outfitter>>itemrack. I've never tried it out. All I know is that I NEEED itemrack or something thereof to work for me. Right now I play four different characters and can not keep track of the pve vs pvp vs healing vs dps gear.

Damn you blizzard.. you broke it!! I think I would have preferred an itemrack type feature over the voicechat...not that chatting to pugs could be sooooo lovely.

Felix and I ran a pug Slave Pens the other night. OMG. He's a bear tank and I'm the healer...who we have in between, I don't care...they can even suck and wand the whole fight or have crappy gear...just as long as they don't cause us to wipe by being stupid and if they would STAY THE WHOLE instance. I kid you not, we went through 4 pugs that run because they would just DC all the sudden. And it wasn't like we were wiping or anything.

Felix's theory is that it all happened around 12am to 1am so perhaps they were kids whose accounts got shut down during that hour. I don't know but I haven't run an instance with pugs in forever. I just would have loved for them to commit to the damn thing...especially when they cost us like 10mins each to run out and summon.


James Rippe said...

alachia, i felt the same way - being a holy/disc priest i have my arena gear, my farming gear and my instance gear...was going nuts!

i dl'ed outfitter and it's good (it WORKS, that's enough).

Unknown said...

I know exactly how you feel...for everything you just said. For my rogue the whole outfitter thing isn't too bad, but for my priest...augh!!!

Then there's the whole Slave Pens PuG thing...I had to put up with that about 15-20 times...until my rogue's leggings would drop xD

Unknown said...

Outfitter does essentially the same thing... and I use it. ;-P

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