Thursday, September 06, 2007


So, yeah, if you had asked me a year ago, I'd say NO to dwarfs and gnomes. Unfortunately, PvP is my big thing right now in WoW and so I have to sacrifice looks for racials. :D

heheh. So down went my level 33 human paladin and last week, I created my first ever dwarf character. At first, I thought I'd hate looking at her. But I've actually gotten quite used to her. She's cute in a chunky dwarf sort of way.. you Gimli from LOTR touches that fuzzy little place in your heart.

I picked the swirly hair braids so that every time I heal, her hair goes swoosh swoosh swoosh like a helicopter. lol.

She's currently level 29. I try to work on her when I'm not doing Arenas. I hate being a ret noob at the moment. All I want to do is heal but you can't do that when leveling up. One of those big character changes from 1-70 and post 70.

Anyhow, I can see now how people can play characters they don't relate too physically at all. ..not that my human avatars looked anything like me...but they were far closer than a white haired dwarf! my version of the story, she's the good side of Alachia...ala Palachia :D


Gamer Hudson said...

Awesome I always wanted to make a female dwarf warrior for the heck of it you NEVER see them anywhere

One of these days when I have more time maybe

Unknown said...

"Oh look at me, I'm Zippi Longstocking" rings in my head when a female dwarf swirls those braids (from the second Austin Powers). Funny animation.

Emily said...

Yay for female dwarves! I've had a few but I'm a hordie myself, so they're just kind of sitting there.
Dwarves need lovin' too!

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