Monday, September 03, 2007

Virtual Monotony

What happens when an MMO world gets too familiar. Kind of like getting sick of seeing the same bedroom for 10 years. After awhile, you've memorized all the cracks in the wall, the discoloration, etc. You want a new room. You long for something new or at least I do.

A part of me wants to wonder out of the comfort of my "room" and explore something else. I wish there was a way to sneak to the back of IF and find some back alley that leads to some seedy MMORPG where people lie, cheat, and steal. lol. I'm trying to paint a picture, so bare with me. You know, a world where it's not all optimistic and hopeful and everything is solved by MORE grinding of honor, gear, and xp. A place where you go and meet total strangers and totally ease drop on their backstabbing hater convos.

hmm.. maybe I'll go check out Second Life. But the last time I tried Second Life, I found it very annoying to navigate through.

When I get this itch, sometimes I log into random servers and create a character and stroll through IF and SW to listen to different convos in general chat.

I almost wish there was a server WoW players could just create identical avatars to their originals and just hang pve or pvp.

hmmmmmmmm....not a bad idea. I wonder how full that server would get? hahaha, at least then some of their newer city models would get more appreciation. Poor Silverwing and Exodar... so unseen.

but isn't it odd that even in as my virtual self, I sometimes wish I were someone else...not doing the same things I do on a daily basis. man, my virtual issues are just as real as my physical. :D


Unknown said...

That post actually kinda creeped me out. I think you need to unplug for awhile. Just a suggestion.

Alachia said...

and do what exactly?

Anonymous said...

You could do the unthinkable:

1. Roll horde for awhile
2. Roll a shaman (omg)

You could check out some new surroundings and conquer your long time shaman aversion.

Feel free to create a toon on Earthen Ring and join the AIE guild (from the Instance podcast).

You could also try to get into the Tabula Rasa beta - pretty fun game. However, every time I try something else it never compares to the wowverse.


Starman said...

Guild Wars? lol

Unknown said...

Ugh...I just tried Guild Wars for a break from WoW. I really REALLY didn't like it. It just made me wanna play WoW again. Dang...I think I just ruined my previous argument.

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