Saturday, September 08, 2007

Free Mount FTW

I mean EVERYONE and their mother has been asking me "WHY ARE YOU ROLLING A PALLY?!"
like either I'm crazy or stupid. And it's hard to explain really. A part of me always felt like I should have been a paladin to begin with. The class I should have rolled but never did for various reasons throughout the years.

Who knows, maybe it will be all for not. And maybe I won't even get to finish her. In any case, she's here...and above 33 (my dead age for alts) I guess that's a good sign.


Moonknight said...

I rolled a paladin myself recently. He just hit 40 as well and I was so glad to get a mount for next to nothing.

Gamer Hudson said...

I dont touch my paladin unless I am raiding, its a very boring class otherwise. I heal, and thats it. He cant farm, he cant tank, all he does is heal. I cant even go shadow :(

I have discovered I like playing DPS a lot more as it keeps me active in raiding.

Alachia said...

pallys can tank and do dps just fine.
but their specialty is healing. In fact, the way paladins hold agro make them very desirable over warriors in many cases.

but my plan is to be a total healadin.

James Rippe said...

wait until they fix the ret tree, then decide if they cannot DPS.

casetel said...

I too rolled a dwarf paladin not long back, male tho. I believe I have tried all the spec's, i was silly and started holy, you know coz I wanted a holy paladin...painful :P, then I went with the retro (leveling) route, and have tried various combo's of know I just could nto get into it...Then I tried out AoE protection paladin, and I love it! I feel like how a paldin should, taking on 5 npc of equal or greater level and walking off with near full health and moderate mana...still slow to kill but instead of killing one thing slowly you kills heaps slowly ;) It is very situtationl on npc type and how they are arranged but for me much more fun to level then the tradional pally ways.

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