Sunday, September 23, 2007

Just a Blogger :)

Foden said...
"I could spend a good two shows just talking about their uber-leetness. Make that three shows .."
You could, but you don't do the podcast anymore remember?
You used to rock, now you're just another blogger.

LOL. a blog you apparently read. :D

sorry. podcasting isn't my primary goal at the moment.

My pally hit level 60 tonight! She's a badass too. Top healer when she ran at AV at level 56...and at the time she was protection specced. Now she's full holy and I solo healed two flawless ramparts run tonight. It was so fun learning grid and figuring out how to be mana efficient with Divine Favor and Divine Illumination.

And to be honest, I was never a real podcaster...just a chick who plays wow who did a podcast every now and then. And I think people who listen and like the cast know that.


Unknown said...

Yeah I think that's true. But I for one really have been missing your Podcast. I realize you're busy and have other things going on. I was expecting for awhile a report about Blizzcon, I thought it was promised to us but I don't remember, I might have dreamed that up.
When BC came out I leveled a Pally from 1-70 strait, now I don't play him anymore. It's really cool being a healer for awhile and handling stuff your way, but it might get old fast depending on who you are. Have fun though, Pallys are uber-healers.

Alachia said...

Hmmmm. I just don't understand why it has to get personal. Why personally attack me because I'm not on the ball with producing a show?

I'd totally understand if you were paying for it... but it's free.

Podcasting opens me up to two things...1)Lets me meet very awesome people. 2)Exposes me to personal attacks.

Besides, aren't there like 100 other wow podcasts out there? And from some of my reviews, I don't even talk about wow enough to be considered a "wow" podcast.

so for those of you who stick around, tres cool..I <3 the companionship and interactions.

for those who got sick of waiting and can't stand my blathering..more power to hf in wow. take care and play on!

Unknown said...

OH I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say I was upset that you haven't come out with a Podcast in awhile. Or were you talking about that other guy? I completely agree it's something you do in your spare time for fun you don't owe us anything. I check your Blog everyday because I like the way you see the WoW-verse. I don't expect a Podcast, I just wanted to point out that I miss it because it would make me day.

Tolmarsk of Mulgore said...

I have to chime in. You still ROCK! Your blogs are just as enjoyable as your podcasts. I will, however, admit to missing your show greatly. Yes, there are lots of WoW podcasts out there but yours brought a wonderfully unique perspective to the subject. While your show is not expected, it is certainly missed. The best thing about your podcast and blog is that it's on your terms. You really put it out there, and this is one listener/reader who appreciates that.

Sean said...

lol didn't you notice the wow podcasting scene has died?

Tavencast has been dead for months now, I think there was some drama off mic and they all decided to bail. They didn't need to go that overboard on productions, I think after they recruted infernal bill it was lost. They were awesome when it was just the group sitting around talking about wow and making jokes. When they started singing and putting in all the special effects it lost the whole appeal. I got a feeling if it comes back it'll be Eloy alone or with new people.

Starman and Renata are still doing their show which is great. No complaints there. I'm still waiting for Starman to loose his G rating and go on analog hole.

The instance is a stupid show period. Its a slave to their fans where they don't ever dare to step out of line and give an opinion. I stopped listening when they started playing this annoying kid's call ins. Do these guys even have characters higher than lvl 1?

Warcraft Chronicles is a ripoff of taverncast. They stole pretty much everything from their show. Started a guild for fans, recruited a grrl just for the hell of it (its obvious), have a lore segment, etc. Its dead too now. More drama off mic.

Sam's show is pretty good. When he raped wow radio's total biscuit or when he talked BC with Alachia. That stuff was gold! Even though its late I'd still like to hear the bc launch cast with all the guest hosts.

Anything on wow radio is pure trash. Listen to any of their shows and you'll see. Occasionally I'll see something that looks interesting and turn it off after 5 min. Trying to make a whole station based on warcraft is insane. If they merged everything into one show and got a host that was half decent it might be good.

The 1up wow podcast is not too bad. Their interviews with blizzard are cool but its obvious the hosts really don't care about wow and are only there because they're being paid. Half the time they talk about other games. If you listen to their other podcasts they're all the same format.

Anyone remember Brian's podcast the curse of tongues? They only put out 3 shows but its so obvious that guild drama killed it.

Probably the only wow podcast still running is Analog Hole. Its not 100% wow but it might as well be.

Moonknight said...


I think you can see from the response here that your real fans support what you have been doing. I often thought that your podcast was a breath of fresh air in that it made me think about how my life is in both the metaverse and in RL.

I only listen to two podcasts, yours and World of Warcast (which you get mentioned on from time to time). I am not trying to be too much of a fanboy when I say this but only your podcast gave me a feeling of total relaxation. I could listen to your show and feel like a part of me had opened up to a new world, a new experience that I had somehow been missing. Maybe its that part of WoWCast that your fans are missing.

I will admit that I do hold out hope every day on my iTunes to get a download of the next WoWCast and the blogs are excellent IMHO, I just think there are some people out there who figure you owe them something. Too bad for them, they never really got the point of all of it then, did they?

Unknown said...

I would love to hear more WoWcast but only when you have something intelligent to say :P I value the cast because it often wrestles with the more intellectual side of virtual worlds. Right now WoW is the most common one so it makes sense to hang it on that peg but I am always much more interested by Alachia's wider take on the way that we interact in virtual settings.

Anyway come back to us when you are ready or not as it suits you.

Gamer Hudson said...

Hey now the WOW Insider show is pretty good. I also like Titan, its not THAT bad. Not a big fan of the rest. World of Warcast is excellent as is WoW Chronicles. There are some good podcasts out there. I do miss your podcast though Alachia.

Unknown said...

Totally agree with Sean on the quality of other podcasts. Though I think WoWradios Vendor Trash isn't half bad, I like Slanik.

Alachia, I enjoy your blog, and will continue to read it even if you never do a podcast again.

But I really really enjoyed your podcasts. They brought something to the table that other podcasts simply don't, a far deeper, and more intelligent investigation of what it means to be so involved in these kinds of games.

Some of the most enjoyable shows you did were where you went deeply into meta-related topics, and just freely philosophized on stuff. This was the main reason I liked the podcast so much, I instantly got that feeling of: "Wow, she totally gets it, she feels the same way about this stuff as I do".. So there was a feeling of identifying there.

I greatly miss the show, even though I know we cant expect you to do something you don't feel like doing... in the end its free, and we should be, and are, grateful for what we got.

Sean said...

Yeah, sorry I kinda trailed off on the fact that the wow podcast scene is dead/dying. I really miss your podcasts Alachia, if its getting too hard to do it by yourself maybe you should just group with with Sam and merge the two shows. Or maybe join Starman and Renata occasionally. They could really use your pvp and hardcore questing knowledge ;)

Having a round table arena discussion with your team would be cool as well!

Freewordx said...


I hope you find yourself well ;).
I just wanted to let you know I listen to many WOW podcast. That being said none made me want to be a part of this world more then yours. You have a natural relaxing way of making this world come to life in my mind as I am sure I am not the only one to feel this way. Although I read about the personal attacks I hope you know that many more people miss your soft subtle way of bringing WOW to life. If you decide to do another type of podcast if more general or not. Please let us all know because regardless you have a fan base that is motivated by your kind way of being and of seeing.

Pe@ce and Godbless... Freewordx

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