Sunday, September 02, 2007

Control Game

It's pretty amazing how many people think PvP is all about power and bronze. A lot of the best pvp players don't just mash a series of keys over and over again hoping they have more dps and hp than you.

It is a very serious control game. How well you can finesse the quality of how you use your abilities determines how strong a player you are. That's why a lot of people end up so frustrated with PvP and exclaim that they suck. It's not about how much you suck, it's about how much you're willing to practice.

I love the way Arenas and BGs really brings out all of the qualities of a class. Melee vs Casters vs Healers etc. You'll see how well you shine in some aspects but fall short in others.

I'm noticing it a lot with my mage because of how much you have to tweak your dps cycle depending on which class you fight. I really love it. It's not all just slam ss and evis. I'm getting a kick out of working out the timing for energy vs combo points. Not as easy as it looks that's for sure.

I discovered that awful truth when I first started dueling a warrior. You can't just try and dps spam a ms warrior down. You have to watch your energy and use stuns to control dps pound per pound defensively.

I've been trying to hit IF every now and then to watch other geared out rogues duel in front of IF. It's still a bit hard to pick up what exactly they are doing. If I get my Merciless Pummeler this week, I'm going to respec 18/43/0 and go mace spec.

FYI, don't be an idiot like myself. If you have arena points to spend, hit the GLOVES first, then the main-hand mace, then all the rest. Gloves give you on hit from deadly throw, interruption of the spell and a 3 sec silence. Talk about clutch.

I totally didn't know. I was so used to my shadow priest where it was something marginal like 1 more second duration on psychic scream.

The more you know...(nbc chime)


Gamer Hudson said...

I think this is why I do so bad at PVP, much like Guild Wars PVP in WoW is about Point/CounterPoint

You must know counters to certain moves and honestly I am terrible at it, much like why I suck at Magic the Gathering and CCG's in general. I just play to ooh and ahh at the card artwork.

Alachia said...

>< don't let taint here you say that. hahaha. he's a big magic player. lol

The real frustration lies in the learning of those counterpoints.. until you do, you're /facepalm over and over again

nongiven said...

You are exactly correct. It also helps to have alot of alts! It sounds counter-intuitive (i.e. you are not just mastering one class), but playing all the difference classes, even up to level 19 BG, really helps. Also, you can never stop learning. When new patch notes come out, read *all* of the changes to all of the classes, not just yours :). If you don't understand something, visit the class forums and see what people are saying about it. PvP is a knowledge game more than anything else.

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