Friday, September 28, 2007

My Buddy and Me

I was pondering what my pet would be for this character. At first I wanted a big white owl cuz I'm so wise (hehe) but nothing like that exists in the game.. so I was carrying around a brown hawk for awhile.

Then it hit me! I must have the [pet bombling]! So I went to Tanaris right took two renewals of my Goblin Engineering membership but sure enough today in the mail...I got my little bombling schematic!

He makes clickety clackety sounds when he walks...and when I do an excellent job healing, he tells me I'm the bomb...and I'm like.. nah man, you da bomb! hahahaha... /dork


Unknown said...

Can't get much dorkier than that :D.

That's awesome I've always wanted a Bombling but I'm all Gnomey engineering and such :(.

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