Friday, September 28, 2007

Epic Pally Mount

Need info on the Epic Pally Mount quest. Most important question. Does the quest count as if you had bought an epic land riding skill? Or am I going to still have to buy that as well in order to get my flying mount skill?

It will cost me 350 Gold and these items which I have for the Epic Mount Quest:
5 Stratholme Holy Water
10 Arthas Tears
40 Runecloth
6 Arcanite bars
1 Azerothian Diamond
1 Pristine Black Diamond

OR I can just fork over 540g for the epic riding skill and get my AV mount free this weekend. Not sure what to do.

I'm saving like 190g...but is it worth the trouble?


Gamer Hudson said...

I didnt bother with the epic pally mount on either of my 70 paladins.

I PVP'd and got the epic PVP black horse and bought the riding skill so cant tell you for sure. I just dont like the look of the pally mount, although I guess for nostalgia you could do it, but I would rather have my Talbuk anyday

gravin said...

Yes completing the quest grants you epic riding skill. And hey it'll save you a bag space having your pally mount. ;)

Unknown said...

I would say do it. but then my Pally is only 33 atm. The thing about the pally mount is that it is unique to the class. However as a fellow Dwarf Pally I have to say that I still prefer Rams and while I will do the Pally horse quest I will be riding a 'stock' White Ram. Then next year I will get the Brewfest Ram because, well just because I am a Dwarf. Anyway I have a 70 hunter Dwarf who rides a Brown Ram and the Epic Brown Ram. Ever since we were doing the AQ world event that Dwarf in Ironforge had the Epic Brown Ram and I just had to have one.

Rob said...

I had the same dilemma on my lock when I hit 60. The final conclusion was to get the dreadsteed because I kept asking myself, "Do I really want to be a lock riding around on something every other class can get?" I guess it would have made me feel a little less of a lock and this is a game to be enjoyed. I don't need funk hanging over my head in game when there's so much to deal with in RL.


Alachia said...

sweet. I think I shall save my 190g then and get the pally mount. I just have to ensure there are no wipes so that the cost of repair bills doesn't jack up the price. lol!

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