Monday, September 03, 2007

Take me to another place

(LOTR online screenshot sent from Jim)

Beautiful isn't it? I wonder why that game busted in the MMO market?

Huxley, Warhammer, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Tabula Rasa.

WHERE ARE YOU people?? It's like they're all too chicken sh1t to come out when WoW is at it's peak. I guess they saw what happened to Vanguard and pissed their pants.

Maybe they'll just wait another 10 years until we're all on level 120 and dying to play any other game.. that's when anoter decent game will rear it's head.


Tabula Rasa- Oct 2 release (lies)
Quake Wars- Oct 2 release (3rd time the date has been postponed)
Huxley- Never gonna happen :P
Warhammer- Beta 4 life!


Shawn said...

I actually got the lifetime membership to LOTRO and have been playing it regularly. It's a nice alternative to WoW for me. Not as in-depth or as expansive as WoW has become, but it's a graphical shock going back to WoW after playing LOTRO.

Anonymous said...

WoW's only competition is itself. As long as Blizz can keep the community happy, make PVP better and implement new features - it will very difficult to beat.

RVR in WAR looks cool but Blizzard could do the same thing. Maybe they are waiting to see how RVR works out before implementing it in WoW.

Hybrid FPS-MMOs have done ok in the past (e.g. Planetside) but only appeal to a certain market. TR, QW, and HUX maybe too late.

gravin said...
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Unknown said...

I'm looking forward to World In Conflict, The Settler, and Company of Heroes expansion.

WoW is a great game, however you might want to try some of the new stuff that is coming out this fall and winter.


Alachia said...

oh trust me. if the damn games would just come out, I'd be all over them. In the meantime, I'm just playing the grinding game with WoW and slowly slitting my wrists. :)

Ryan D said...

Yeah, I personally can't wait for The Agency (MMO FPS)

Gamer Hudson said...

I am in the TR beta and so far its great, I will definately be picking it up. Its nice to see a damn sci fi game coming out FOR ONCE

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