Sunday, November 23, 2008


(screenshot Kitch sent in with MYYYYYY panda and the new Blizzard cub)

Great to know my panda is alive and well! Kitch has been taking very good care of it.

It's always great to know people have been playing the game as long as you and still find little joys. The real question is how did he get two pets out at once?! lol.

I am glad to be celebrating WoW's 4th anniversary with fellow wow players. It's great Blizzard decided to commemorate the community it built and thank it's player base. And lots of thanks Blizz for finally getting me a tiny cub! It might not be a sleeping panda but it's still very charming.

I can't wait to see Felix's bear druid tanking with the baby cub besides him! hahaha.
too cute.


Kitch said...

Yep - can't have two pets at once. What part of the picture proves it was doctored?

...and no, I did solo that elite ;)

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