Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Game Stop Out of Pre-Orders

So apparently, I needed to get an extra copy of Wrath for my second account as well as another copy for Taint's new friend (*wink*).

I went to Game Stop yesterday to see if I could score two more pre-orders of Wrath of the Lich King but they said they're out and won't have but the exact amount of copies they ordered! Rats. So I called the Super Walmart right next to that Game Stop and it seems like they're gonna have copies available without pre-order at midnight. So I'll have to try and make two stops tomorrow night!

So exciting! Almost time!


nofax1 said...

apparently gamestop is having a costume contest and are opening early at 10pm. is 40 too old to be dressing up for a WotLK costume contest? lol.

wowcast said...

I just got a call from my Game Stop saying the same thing. Don't think I'm going to show up early though for that.

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