Saturday, November 08, 2008

You are Not Prepared

(Agathelos the Raging, Razorfen Kraul)

This is becoming quite the tradition in the jae clan. We level up 2-6 characters each during the span of an expansion and then one month before the expansion decide what we have isn't what we want!

Sad has a warrior and warlock. Taint has a druid, mage, hunter, and shaman. We've already decided I'm going shaman as a dedicated healer for 10 man progression and Felix is going bear tank. Then we debated for awhile and chose Pally Tank for Sad and Holy Priest for Taint. Two classes neither of them have.

So on October 19th, twenty-four days before the release of WoTLK (6 days of which we were out on vacation), we rolled new toons for them. Luckily we had my 70 paladin to aoe grind the crap out of instances. GRIND. GRIND. GRIND.

Deadmines-->Stockades-->Razorfen Kraul-->Gnomeregan-->Scarlet Monestary-->Uldaman-->Zul Furak-->Mauradon-->Sunken Temple-->BRD-->Scholo-->Strat-->Ramparts-->Underbog-->Shattered Halls

ZOMG. grind till I die. Some people would advice questing at some point in the game. The problem is the second we poked our heads in open world, we would waste an hour being ganked. So it was back to the instances.

It was the first time I got to see Razorfen Kraul though. It's quite a large instance. I had no idea how big it was (that's what she said). First time I saw Agathelos the Raging I was like HOLY SH!T! That boar is massive.

Currently, Sad's pally and Taint's priest are 68. We're gonna hit up Old Hillsbrad and BM for the instance quests then try our luck once more in open world at the Kirin'Var Village in Netherstorm. If it gets bad, we'll finish out the grinding in Shattered Halls.

The end is in sight! So much for full epics in WoTLK. Greens it is!


Funeral said...

My guild has done the same thing. Now sitting a handful of days away from the release of Wrath my guild has decided that our main DPS needs to be a healer, I need to roll a warrior tank, and we need a couple more druids.

We've been going through the same process... it's nuts.

wowcast said...

nuts is right!

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