Sunday, November 09, 2008

Shroom Tabard

Now that the rest of the crew has 70s, I was able to get back on my new main toon... the shammy. She's been in Paid Character Transfer limbo for 3 weeks! It was finally resolved yesterday.

So today I cleared out her bags and bank and then reconfigured all my buttons. Then I decided I really wanted to get her the [Sporregar Tabard]. I just love the blue coloring and the psychedelic mushroom!

So I went out to do the Now that We're Friends quest to kill 12 Bloodscale Slavedrivers and 6 Bloodscale Enchantresses for reputation. However, as it turned out, everyone and their mother was trying to get rep cuz of the achievement stuff. All the mobs were dead.

It then occurred to me, I would be better off taking my druid into Underbog and gathering [Sanguine Hibiscus] for rep turn in instead. So I started to do stealth runs over and over again. At first I kept dying so Felix helped me do a few runs on his druid. Then once I knew where the nodes were it was a lot easier. Plus the new Night Elf Shadowmeld "vanish" ability is awesome.

Afterwards, I hung out with Flipmax for a few hours looking to replenish this toon with cool pets. I love the red moth! it's so cute!! Then we went to Booty Bay where he collected this pet biscuit that made our pets huge! SO awesome looking. I had my own short circuit!


manorton aka Paravel said...

Congrats on the rep ding! And I must say, she looks awesome. But then she is a Draenei . She would look awesome in any tabard. *smile* Gratz.

wowcast said...

as my friend felix would add "She would look awesome in any tabard and only a tabard"


Igoo said...

OMG Shaman with a staff, your killing me. :P

wowcast said...

lol. she's freaking new dude. gimme time. I have the shield from kara but only a green main hand.

Igoo said...

:) I know she is new. I was just having some fun with ya. My shammy even had to rock the archimonde staff for the first part of Sunwell. So I have been there <3

Olibeau said...

Yeah, your armour looks great, would look better on the AH floor XD

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