Sunday, November 09, 2008

Ready Set Green!

(friend of taint-mage, taint-priest, sad-pally)

Well we did it. Dinged 3 new 70s in time for the expansion.

After they hit 70, we went in with the "green" crew to see how we would fair in Heroic Ramps. I was actually surprised we made it through. It was kind of weird having to take it slow again and watch our pulls. Old school baby!

It took us approximately 4 days played to level, minus the time it took to level herbalism and mining to 375. Not bad but I can say for sure that I'm exhausted and my head needs a rest!

Okay Blizzard, we're ready for WoTLK! Hopefully your greens will be better than ours!


Mercot said...

You guys are insane.
Grats! :D

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