Friday, November 21, 2008

Fall, Climb, Leap!

[Break the Blockade] daily quest requires you to get on the Zeppelin and ride around bombing pirates and cannons. I think most people are familiar with this quest.

WE seem to have a tradition among our group that Flipmax always falls off the boat or the cliff at LEAST once per day. However, today, Felix accidentally dived off the cliff just as the zeppelin arrived.

We were laughing and going "damn! oh well.. next round". But as we're laughing, Felix rounds his way back up the cliff. And just as the zeppelin is about to take off, he goes "You better get on the boat cuz I'm gonna make it!!"

So we hop on and watch as his saber mount approaches the dock just as the zeppelin is parting from the dock. He LEEEAPS!!! And we're screaming "gooo baggy go!! go baggy go!!" (nickname for his druid)

And he JUST LANDS on the boat in time!! hahahhaha.

SOOOOO, if you fall off the cliff, YOU SHOULD be able to make it back to the zeppelin in time!!!


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