Friday, November 21, 2008

Takin' my SWEET time

(dessert cart outside the Dalaran bank)

The new dessert cart is something I visit every time I'm in Dalaran. That 9g [Chocolate Celebration Cake]is so tempting. I always resist but it's so great to linger there and look at all the awesome bakery food pr0n. mmmm. gooooodness.

I'm doing my best this time around to enjoy my leveling process and really experiencing Northrend. No matter how many times you say you're going to go back when you're 80, something always comes up...always a raid to run or an instance to go to or farming to do. I still like going at a good pace for leveling but no need to over-do it this time. (currently 75).

I always remember the little things about leveling. The small crazy memory events that you just don't forget. People who don't delve in MMOs never fully grasp just how many adventures we have sitting at our desk. There are few times I have anything like that in the RL anymore (welcome to adulthood).

Yesterday night, we were trying to finish out Howling Fjord quest zone so we went back to Fort Wildervar which we had skipped. We were in the middle of freeing trapped animals in the forest when I get a whisper from Felix "I'll be back. Going to get some coca-cola"

He put himself on follow and after ten minutes I said to Flipmax, "uh...I think he might have passed out or he actually went to the store to get coke" lol. He gets up at like 5am for his job every day so it wouldn't be that surprising.

So we waited around for him for awhile and took a nap near the bonfire at the inn. lol. At that point it was pretty obvious he must have passed out so I dropped his toon off at the inn and we went to finish the quests in the area.

About thirty minutes later, Felix gets on vent and says he went to close his eyes for a second and passed out. lol. And that's what I'll remember most about Fort Wildervar - the time I took a virtual nap waiting while Felix took a RL nap!

When I first started WoTLK, I was totally missing my Druid who is a skinner/leatherworker. I love skinning and I LOVE DRUMS. Can you imagine a Shammy with Heroism AND Drums? Delicious!

Around level 71 when I was doing the Azjol-Nerub instance, I was thinking maybe I should drop engineering (I'm enchanting/engineering on my shammy) and go leatherworking.

But then I started to level my engineering up and remembered why like 4/6 of my toons are engineers. COOL FUN STUFF and of course the epic craftable helm and mote extractors! So yesterday, I learned how to make a [Flexweave Underlay]! It's great to have while leveling. You never know when you want to throw yourself off a cliff! And the parachute graphic is sooo cool!

And of course, if I can afford it, I definitely want to craft me a [Schematic: Mekgineer's Chopper] which I hear aren't BOP when you make them so perhaps I can open up my own auto shop! Alachi's Bikes Go Baroom Baroom!


ObiWanAdobe said...

Good stuff, I've taken a different tact. I have my warrior that my friends know and he serves everyones' need for a tank. We're trucking along but at a quicker pace than I'd like but that's the MMO in the MMORPG.

For my own enjoyment I have a rogue who is really taking her sweet time. Reading the quest and diving head first into the immersion. That's the story teller/reader in me really enjoying the RPG in the MMORPG.

While it is inevitable that we get caught up in the rat race of fat lootz and end game progression I am more thankful that I brought in another character to play the game when I'm not on the "job".

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