Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sealion Bait

(I guess Sealion Bait would be a bad name for my new baby penguin?)

YAY! Scored exalted with Kalu'ak today and got my darling little Pengu. He likes to chirp about and hide under my cloak. He has a special affinity for gnomes because they're eye-level with him. LOL. He also loves to be cleaned with the [Pet Grooming Kit] after we both pig out at the dessert cart in Dalaran! Flipmax got his Pengu a whole day and a half earlier than me....cuz he's a dang human! Diplomacy is awesome. Anyhow, me and Petey (good name for a penguin) will be hitting up Storm Peaks soon! I hope he likes the altitude!

Daily Quests to get exalted for Pengu are:
Planning For The Future (500 rep)
Preparing For The Worst (500 rep)
The Way To His Heart (500 rep)


manorton aka Paravel said...

Gratz! I should have my goal, [Reins of the Red Drake] as soon as I get home from the Thanksgiving family thing. Leveling Paravel had to stop since my laptop sucks major suckage in northrend and I do not want to miss a moment of the quest lines due to not seeing stuff!

But tonight or tomorrow morning Para will ding and my queen will allow me to have one of her blood. :P

But woot for you! My wife wants one so bad! :)

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