Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tag Team

Today has not been productive as far as leveling. I got a late start because I went to eat Dim Sum with my brother and buy doggy food for my QTPI. Then we did the [The Champion of Anguish] quest while horde weren't around. I got my nifty [Screw-Sprung Fixer-Upper] and got to fight in a mammoth. It's the Northrend version of Ring of Blood.

Then we continued our questing in Dragonblight. That place is like the never-ending story, I tell you what! Wyrmest Temple has one of the longest quest chains known to man! hahaha. I did get to fight on a dragon so that was really Wyrmrest Temple is soooooo gorgeous.

After dinner, I crashed for two hours. When I got back, Felix and Flipmax said they found this awesome place in Magmoth where they had been farming [Frostweave Cloth] for 45 minutes. In that time Flipmax had gotten like 64bolts of Frostweave.

It works best as a tag team. You kill [Offspring of Magmothregar] over and over again as they spawn in the Magmoth cave. They have spawn cycles so you go a short lull without them spawning but the rest of the time they practically respawn as soon as they fall.

The real trick is to have [Northern Cloth Scavenging] on a tailor out there. Go with another person and set it to group loot. You get more extra procs off of the non-tailor looting the mob first. From our experience..about 3x more cloth.

I'm probably agoing to go blind with blue furry creatures and have nightmares about this! lol. BUT we're going to get him to 410 tailoring so he can craft the [Frostweave Bag]!

So today has been a leveling FAIL day but somehow still really fun and productive!


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