Friday, November 21, 2008


wtf is a haul?

Anatomy of a Haul Video
1. Packaging - Box, envelope, bag
2. Product - Cosmetics, handbags, clothes, shoes - no restrictions
3. Touching - opening of packaging, product displaying, color name or number
4. Testing of product
5. Price paid / Display of Receipt
6. Location of Purchase(s)
7. Demeanor and helpfulness (or lack of) of sales associate
8. Hopes / Desires of future purchases
9. Plans on returning or exchanging any or all of items / Possible regrets
10. Caveats to other buyers (Don't buy the Neo Sci Fi line, don't bother with the sale, etc.)
(as described by mnelson2008 on youtube

HAUL is a totally crazy sub-culture I recently discovered on youtube. Very intriguing to watch even though I'm not into the stuff they HAUL. It mostly applies to make-up stuff but since I hardly do make-up, I thought my WoTLK Collector's Edition package would be a great excuse to do one!

(part 2 here

BTW. As part of the anatomy of a HAUL, my CE box from cost me $79.99 + $2.99SH = $82.98 (the second one I got was only $69.99 + tax from Walmart - another shock buy) Still unsure what to do with it. Will most likely give it as an x-mas present because having two accounts with CE just seems plain decadent!


Mercot said...

Interesting. I'd seen a video like this for a PS3 apparently sold by mistake before release, but I didn't realize there was a whole named subculture devoted to this stuff. I do the same thing with my major purchases; I just don't film it. Nice way to prolong the awesomeness. That IS a nice boxcutter, btw. ;)

wowcast said...

I'm extremely drawn to the tactile quality of the videos. Most of the people are pretty passionate about what they even though I'm not that interested in the actual product, I'm really into their fascination with the it instead.

lol. yes. I'm a freak.

Matthew said...

Ok, 2 things...

First, you should have opened the cards. What if there was a loot card in there. Now I'm curious!

Second, time for wowcast to move to video! Haha, loved it!

Meegeekai said...

great video, i am still waiting for my CE to show up so living through your opening vicariously will have to do for now...

wowcast said...


Hawkito totally pointed out the loot card thing to me last night on twitter. I was like OMG I didn't even think about that! so I opened it up but no loot card :(

man that would have been sweet!

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