Monday, November 10, 2008

Digital Screening

CNN Article Today:
Social networking sites dos and don'ts

"Employers are checking job applicants' profiles on sites like Facebook, Brightfuse and LinkedIn, according to a recent survey."

"Twenty-two percent of employers say they use social networking sites when evaluating job candidates, and an additional 9 percent intend to do the same soon."

"We can also learn a little about the candidate's culture fit and professionalism," says Kelly Vergara, executive director of human resources at digital marketing agency Resource Interactive. "We screen for culture above all else, so this is important."

"Get rid of your digital dirt," says Rutledge. "A large percentage of recruiters 'Google' potential candidates to see what they can find out about them -- both the good and the bad. Be sure that you don't have any information on social networks or other sites that could make a recruiter decide to pass on you as a job candidate."


ha ha! I was right!

The digital age of mainstreaming internet technology and web 2.0 tools is quite like giving people access to your bedroom good drawer. Just imagine if your potential employer could scope out your home and car while considering hiring you?

That's what most social networking sites and google allows the "official" side of your life to do. It's also why I'm extremely adamant about keeping my RL official identity away from my more true meta identity which is Alachia.

The last thing I want to have to do is go through my facebook account and delete people simply because association with them or their groups could hurt me economically. That would be the suck.

Also, certain co-workers or what not don't really need to have free access to what I do on the weekends or read my tweet about how much I hate my job etc. Back in the good ol' days, personal information was given voluntarily not involuntarily! heheh.

I'm thinking more than ever that my decision to separate identities is a really good one...especially for someone whose greater part of life is purely meta.

Let them have "Sally Smith's" shell. I can make it all nice and proper. And that way Alachia doesn't have to get too censored. It's far too ignorant as a metazen to ignore the now ever more merging of RL and meta. This is not your black background html groupie cultural hide out anymore. Everything, including sub cultures are becoming mainstream and everything is about instant access to information.

I think it's a great thing actually. Heck, the president-elect just today launched a website solely for a dialogue with the American people. You know when the President of the US chooses to reach out to his nation via meta that this is no longer a cultural quirk. lol.

So if you do have a more private and established meta life, be careful as the article reads. Main stream is moving to your bedroom folks!


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